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  1. hian

    Is LEARNING Game Design overestimated?

    First things first - Yes, some people are talented beyond compare and are gifted with naturally analytical minds to the extent that they can play a bunch of games, pick them apart in their heads and realize what made those games work, and then take those elements and successfully transfer them...
  2. hian

    World Maps

    You didn't have to do that. I wasn't replying to you because I thought you were aggressive - I simply replied because it seemed to pretty pertinent to what I had been saying, and I thought you raised a concern that I had already addressed. Of course, there are plenty of reasons and concerns...
  3. hian

    World Maps

    Tai has perfectly understood what I meant by my post, so if there is any more confusion on the topic, please refer to that. I'd also like to say that this has a lot to do with style, and of course, personal preference. I personally prefer games to be stylistically consistent. Before I...
  4. hian

    World Maps

    The let me draw attention to the part where I qualified this opinion : On the other hand, having no world-map and just a bunch of maps ruins the sense of scale for me and takes me out of the experience (FFX, looking at you) - on one hand everything is presented as being in scale, but on...
  5. hian

    World Maps

    World maps by far. In terms of abstractions, it's the least abstract map choice you can go with to convey scope/scale short of making a large seamless world. It's also arguably better than the huge seamless worlds because it doesn't clutter the experience with redundant and empty scenery...
  6. hian

    RSSBSACE: Reedo's Simple Side Battle System Ace Edition

    I really want to adjust the distance between the individual sprites, and their locations etc on the battle screen - which part of the script do I modify to do this? I'm using some rather large sprites, and they're essentially standing on top of each-other now, so I'd like to fix that.
  7. hian

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    Heavy work in progress - but I've pretty much settled on the visual style (light impressionism/water-color), and done a decent amount of character and monster design. Now I just need to finish working on the U.I and make battle back-grounds, and then we're getting much closer to an alpha version.
  8. hian

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Been a while since I posted anything on this forum. Art from my primary project (impressionism/watercolor styled game - realize it's not for everyone, but hey. Also screw imgur for turning my pngs into lower quality jpgs)
  9. hian

    Sociopaths and self destructive characters

    Firstly, sociopathy has not been an accepted diagnosis to put on people for quite some time in the field. Secondly, psychopathy is rarely used either, and then often limited to the field of criminal psychology when talking about people who're exhibiting extreme criminal tendencies and are...
  10. hian

    Is making a fan made game illegal?

    No, that's an original definition - one I do not accept at that. The Star Wars Extended Universe is fan-fiction regardless of whether it is tolerated and blessed by Lucas himself - as long as it is not being made with his supervision, not distributed by him or his company, and is not...
  11. hian

    Is making a fan made game illegal?

    I wish people in this thread would stop saying stuff like :   It's not just Andar (so I'm sorry for quoting you twice), but several people in this thread. This is categorically wrong. If you have permission by the copyright holder(s) of the source material for all the material(s) you use in...
  12. hian

    If an intruder came into your home

    I said it once and I'll say it again - You want my credentials, you can have them. Copies of my academic record dealing with subjects on criminology, my training credentials, and my work accolades/letters of reference. It's easy to talk big on the internet, and I'm not the one doing it...
  13. hian

    If an intruder came into your home

    Statistically speaking, I am in a high-risk group because I actually work in an occupation that means I frequently get into contact with both criminals, and mentally unstable people. (I wonder how comfortable you'd be sitting unarmed in a tiny van, next to an immigrant from a war-torn...
  14. hian

    If an intruder came into your home

    It's not my job to stop burglars - that's the work of law enforcement. If, statistically speaking, attempting to stop a burglar increases my chance of getting hurt, then not doing anything is preferable if I stack my life up against my property. My life is more important than my property...
  15. hian

    Party setups in RPGs

    My preferred party system is a combination of 1.)Creating your own party setup by choosing who to bring with you, and 2.)A party consisting of characters with possible roles, but aren't bound to only 1 task. In my current project you have a relatively large cast, and when the plot does not...
  16. hian

    If an intruder came into your home

    The irony though, is that statistically speaking, gun owners are more likely to be killed in home intrusions than non-gun owners. What people don't seem to consider is that most intruders are not in your house to kill you - they are there to steal your valuables. However, if they start...
  17. hian

    Allow Player to skip Content: Yes - No?

    On one hand, in theory, I see no reason to not include an option to skip pretty much anything and everything to allow players to customize their own experience and prioritize their own engagement with the medium. However, practically speaking, there is such a thing as human nature - and just...
  18. hian

    What is your favorite anime?

    I guess my list would go something like this - Tier 1 Samurai Champloo Ghost in the Shell (The movies, Stand Alone Complex and Arise) Psycho-pass Kemonozume Gankutsuou Noein Samurai X (the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs. I can't stand the main anime though) Tier 2 KARASU Blood+...
  19. hian

    If an intruder came into your home

    Ignoring the fact that my new apartment here in Japan is like a god damn fortress despite it also obviously, by its facade, not being the apartment of a particularly well-to-do person so no intruder is likely to come in, I would probably do what I did the last time I thought an intruder...
  20. hian

    What was your first RPG Maker Project like?

    Mine was a Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone fan-game for the Don Miguel Version of RPG-Maker 2000, which I did together with a friend in our last year or so of elementary school. Needless to say, it was never completed. We didn't even know how to use switches, so all non-repetitive...

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