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  1. castor_online

    I'll help music composers here

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, since I'm not asking for payment. I apologize in advance if I made a mistake. I want to practice some audio mixing with the new skills and software I got and I need more work to practice. So I was thinking if in the forum a...
  2. castor_online

    When We Are Together | New Rock song

    I'm keeping practicing audio Mixing (at least to mix my own stuff good) and I think I'm getting better. This song I wrote it in 2015, more or less, and I just finished recording it. I hope you like it!!
  3. castor_online

    New song uploaded to my channel: She only wants love

    This is one of my favorite "heavy metal" type compositions I have done. I composed this musical work around 3 or 4 years ago and I wanted to recorded it again in an attempt to have it in better quality since I'm practicing mixing and I rather do that with the old musical works than the newest. I...
  4. castor_online

    Castores in the Forest 2 (Musical theme)

    Another remake of one of the music compositions I did in the past, this one is more or less from 2006 (perhaps older). I hope you like!! If you like my music please subscribe to my channel because that helps me a lot.
  5. castor_online

    New song! "Castores in the Forest 1"

    "Castores" is an spanish word that means "beavers". Yes, I'm a fan of beavers, my logo is one of them. I composed this idea some years ago but recently I decided to finish it and I just recorded it. I hope you like!!
  6. castor_online

    The Broken Hearted, my new rock song uploaded in YT

    Hello! I want to share this new recording I uploaded to my YT channel. This song I wrote 10 years ago, more or less, but I decided to recorded again and also I did some changes. If you like rock or heavy metal you might like this :) I hope you enjoy
  7. castor_online

    New song composed. Heavy Metal kind.

    I just composed and uploaded this song, I hope you like it!
  8. castor_online

    Small trio in D major

    I just composed this. Is short and quick, I hope you like!
  9. castor_online

    RPG Village Theme

    I did this musical theme around 20 years ago, I'm not sure if I uploaded it before to the internet but I decide to make it again with new sound libraries and other stuff, kind of a remake. I hope you like it! It was originally made for my RPG project called "Castor Wars". You can use it for free...
  10. castor_online

    Don Castor, music theme.

    I want to share a musical theme I did as a joke and because I wanted to try some sound of choirs and voices. Besides the choirs and singer it has also a solo mystical flute to bring back the spirit of Don Castor. What do you think? I also made the animation of the little beavers singing haha.
  11. castor_online

    New composition: The Castor's Woodlands :)

    I just finished this music composition and I want to share with all of you. I hope you like it, if so please like the video :)
  12. castor_online

    Epic orchestral music + real female voice

    I want to share this musical work I did last year. I hope you like! If you do please like the video and subscribe to my channel :) Music: José Moreno Lyrics: Henrik Viborg Nielsen Singer: Sofía Garza Recorded at: Light Beer Records Mastered by: Jaime Cavazos
  13. castor_online

    Short happy, funny musical theme I just composed

    I just composed another short musical theme because I wanted to test some hardware and software I acquired. I hope you like! You can use it for your non commercial video games if you like, just give me the credit.
  14. castor_online

    A happy musical theme I finished just for fun

    I just finished this musical theme, I hope you like! You can use it for non commercial games, just give me credit :)
  15. castor_online

    Royalty free Battle Theme

    Hello! I did this music to test some sound libraries and other stuff I acquired (software and hardware). If someone finds it suitable for their project feel free to use it, just give me credit for it. I will appreciate a like and a comment in the video if you like to use the music or if you...
  16. castor_online

    My Christmas music theme for this year!

    I try to keep a tradition of making a Christmas themed music, although sometimes I fail on that... but not this year! I managed to finish this music theme, although I wanted to finish it and share it before. I hope you like! And if you enjoy my music will be great if you could support me with a...
  17. castor_online

    I will compose music for free. Offer only for limited time.

    Hello everyone! Probably some of you already know me because I have shared some of my music and arrangements on this website before, but in case you don't I will introduce myself. I'm José Moreno and I compose music, the genres I like to do most are orchestral and heavy metal/rock. Sometimes I...
  18. castor_online

    Music I made for a tale.

    I want to share the music I made for a tale (title is in Spanish) called "Bueno provecho... ¡Animales al acecho!", which means something like "Bon Appetit... Animals on the hunt!" The text was written by Alonso Núñez, is about animals hunting one and the another because "chain food". I hope...
  19. castor_online

    My music demo reel from 2021

    This are the most relevant things I did on 2021 (most of them). I hope you like! If you want me to do music for your project please feel free to ask me (not for free). I hope you like! Let me know your thoughts :)
  20. castor_online

    Short music piece I composed for wind instruments

    I did this the other day and worked a little in the quality of sound. Normally I just export them the same as they sound in the music notation software but I wanted to practice the edition of the midi. I hope you like it!

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