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  1. Arithmetician

    Ailment Success Rates

    Of course, balancing the effectiveness of status ailments is a big problem in RPGs. Often, success rates are so low that they're practically worthless for the party, essentially wasting their turns. But if ailment success rates are too high, the entire enemy party can be hobbled in short...
  2. Arithmetician

    Balancing Lich/Undead States

    I thought it would be cool if it was possible to equip a skill (via Yanfly's plugins + Tricks & Tips) that turns the character undead.  So far I can make the character undead (so healing damages them), and I also have the same state grant immunity to dark damage while causing a weakness to holy...
  3. Arithmetician

    Job System Theory, Design, and Mechanics

    Job systems  - wherein the characters have the ability to assume a number of different class roles throughout the game, and frequently can learn abilities that they can use while in other classes.  Final Fantasy provides some of the quintessential examples, but similar systems appear in many...
  4. Arithmetician

    Skill Tree Theory and Design: Size, Leveled Skills, Balance, etc.

    Skill / talent trees are a way of granting the player choice in developing their character, particularly within the confines of a fixed class.  Yet balancing them is rather difficult.   How many skills does a good skill tree have?  Should skills be purchased with skill points from level ups...
  5. Arithmetician

    Introducing Myself

    Greetings, RPG Maker community. I've made a handful of posts before, but I just noticed that there is a place for introductions on these forums, so I figured that I should take the opportunity to formally introduce myself. I have chosen the username of Arithmetician, after the job in Final...

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