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  1. ebonyazrael

    YEP Battle Status Window Extension

    Sorry if I'm missing something, but I came up to an issue with battler picture. Issue: When I try to make a summoning skill, the battler picture of summoned actor won't be displayed. After finishing the battle then entering another battle enables it to be displayed. What I'm Doing: What I'm...
  2. ebonyazrael

    Product Release: Fantasy & Medieval

    Been waiting for PV Games' Packs. Yay :) Really impressive work again! Though I'm not using MV and need to resize it by myself, it will be really fun work to do. I also love the music pack. It will help me when I build world for games. I can drift into the world for hours :) Yet I'm...
  3. ebonyazrael

    Happy Holidays 2015

    Hi, happy holidays :) And a small tip: Think before you do, especially when you build complex events like sneaking missions. ......Well, it's just me, but I tend to use events instead of scripts (I'm not totally good at it), so I often have trouble when I want to add extra events and...
  4. ebonyazrael

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    I basically use the AGF for making background pictures for my games. It's helpful when you want some nice backgrounds yet you don't have skills to draw them from scratch ;) And when I asked the devs of AGF, they said it's OK to use screen shots of the soft for your RM games. (But some DLCs...
  5. ebonyazrael

    Time Fantasy, School Tiles and more!

    Hmm... This is a smell of good resources! I think future school pack can be used for labs of sf games. Great. :) Entry: Which part of game development is the most exciting for you and why? To me, it's writing stories. I really like it and actually, I've written novels before I came up with...
  6. ebonyazrael

    Pop! Horror City, Sci-Fi Battlers (and more)

    Another fancy packs, yay! :D I especially liked the samurai music pack. I must buy it when I make samurai game. About entry: Graphic: I'd like to see a pack contains battlers and battle backs in a same style. You know, there are many good battler packs, but sometimes they don't look right...
  7. ebonyazrael

    Pirates, Steampunk, Madness and Magic!

    Another beautiful packs! Damn, you guys keep stealing my money! XD I like the madness. Though I don't use them for my current work (the pack has sf-feeling and my game is totally fantasy setting), they are surely great for your sf-action games! And about my entry: The first thing I learned...
  8. ebonyazrael

    Spotlight Sale!

    I came to like Event theme. It goes well with emergency/rescue scene, I think. :) Perhaps I will add a screen shot when I have time... [Edit] Found some time to make a screen shot, but couldn't add the image to this post somehow... So I simply put the url of the image. Sorry for that...
  9. ebonyazrael

    Audiostock, Parallax Mapping Guide and Wild Steam

    Finally Wild West is here! :D And what I'd like to choose is packs for different races. I mean, we surely have nice fantasy setting sets, but I want some more for elves, dwarfs, or orcs and other races. You know, since their cultures are different, their towns and designs need to be...
  10. ebonyazrael

    12 Hours of Christmas

    Grats to winners and thank you for this awesome event! :)
  11. ebonyazrael

    12 Hours of Christmas

    I'm late! I'm late! I overslept again! *slap my face* 1) When I was a kid, I used to be in YMCA and do Christmas party every year. Since I was in the oldest group, we made roasted... Oh, wait, I did tell you this story last year. Then, perhaps something different for this year... When I was 5...
  12. ebonyazrael

    Happy Holidays MEGA Sale!

    Aww, please don't tease me anymore! XD
  13. ebonyazrael

    Holiday Sale Voting - Day 4

    Time for another voting! Choice 1: Tarot Battlers Even though I may not use all of those packs because I often draw battlers by myself, battlers with tarot images are interesting, I think. And these monsters may give me some idea about designing monsters! Choice 2: Pixel Myth: Germania I...
  14. ebonyazrael

    Happy Holidays MEGA Sale!

    Ugh, those sales are too shiny! But I need to save money for upcoming steam punk pack from PVGames... And I already bought two packs in this event, so I shouldn't buy anymore, but, but... *Torn between desire and reason before exploding with heavy damage* ...I think I will wait for 20th...
  15. ebonyazrael

    Holiday Sale Voting - Day 3

    Umm... *Think for a while* OK. Here are mine again. Choice 1: Evil Castle Tiles Every fantasy RPG needs evil and creepy castle for great bosses! Besides, I already have other two packs :P Choice 2: Cinematic Soundtrack Actually, I was just surprised at the fact that I didn't get it yet...
  16. ebonyazrael

    Holiday Sale Voting - Day 2

    OK, here are new choices and my answers. Choice 1: Gyrowolf's 2013 Music Resource Pack 001 I love Gyro's work, too! (I my love all of musicians around here XD) However, when it was released, I couldn't afford for this pack... It would be a good reason for me to buy this if this will be on...
  17. ebonyazrael

    Holiday Sale Voting - Day 1

    So, this is the reason why I love holyday seasons! :) You guys are always great even though you make my wallet empty at the same time, haha. And I choose following items... Choice 1: Dungeons & Volcanoes tiles I wondered a bit between this and wild west tiles (I already have royality...
  18. ebonyazrael

    3 New products released, one product updated

    Gratz for winners! Now, I will visit some dungeons to earn some money for these packs. :P
  19. ebonyazrael

    3 New products released, one product updated

    Nice packs! Definitely in need of me :) Especially, sound scape material caught my attention. I just thought we need more BGS materials! For freebie; Basically it depends on my work which features the composer. If I gonna make fantasy setting game, then I will choose Nobuo Uematsu (he's...

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