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  1. Check for weapon

    Hey guys! I thought about adding a guard that doesn't let the player through as long as they don't have a weapon and some armor. How can I do this, given the fact that I would need a script for this?
  2. RMMZ Add state outside of battle

    Hey guys! The Visustella Battle Core can add state to actors in battle. Is that possible outside of battle as well?
  3. Return to place after defeat

    Hey guys! I have two questions concerning battles: 1. The CanLose attribute is present in map events. Does that work in the database as well? 2. With the CanLose condition enabled, how can I make my characters return to a place (i.e. a church) once they got defeated?
  4. RMMZ Use variables in quests

    Hey guys! For my first quest with Visustella's Quest plugin, I want the player to collect a certain amount of items. I know I have to do this via variables, but how exactly should I do that?
  5. Goblin sprites

    Hey guys! I'm searching from some Goblin sprites. I would need a character, a damage sprite and a face graphic.
  6. Layering sprites

    Hey guys! In Ren'py, there's the possibility to layer different sprites to save room on the hard drive and coding time: That got me thinking: is that possible in VN Maker as well?
  7. Set route depending on event ID

    Hey guys! I'm using Pokemon Essentials with RPG Maker XP, and I'm thinking about an event where Oak catches the player before they go into tall grass. That's got me thinking: since on the the right side, there is a wall blocking the player, how can I set a movement route depending on the event...
  8. Change a single tile

    Hey guys! I want to test out a system that changes a single tile on the map with an event. By tile changing, I mean changing a tile into another tile from the same tileset (for example when unlocking parts of a map that were previously blocked). How can I do that?
  9. Using variables as choice options

    Hey guys! I wanna make some fast-travel crystals, and to do this, I wanted to see if we can use switches and variables as choices for the Show Choices command. Is that possible?
  10. RMMZ Help with Items Core Equipment

    Hey guys! As I'm using the Items and Equip Core from Visustella, I noticed that when I add more equipment types (I wanna add hand- and footwear for more variety), they don't appear in the menu. Can I know how I can solve this?
  11. Localizing sounds

    Hey guys! In Visual Novel Maker, I know that we can localize text. Then what about sounds? Can we localize them too?
  12. AND branches for conditions

    Hey guys! For the beginning of my game, I wanna make an event check if the player has visited all shops of the town once before they can proceed. That's why I ask: is there a way to create "and" branches for RPG Maker MZ?
  13. RMMZ Unfailable quest

    Heyg uys! I'm toying around with the Visustella Quest System plugin, and there was a question in my mind: since main quests are required for story progression, how can I make unfailable?
  14. Text code in name box

    Hey guys! I know that we can use text codes for our message. That got me thinking: can we also use text codes for the name box of the message?
  15. RMMZ Error when loading files

    Hey guys! I'm using the Visustella Save Core, but some reason, whevener I want to load a save file, an error message pops up: "Couldnot load save file". How can I solve this?
  16. Place tiles above shadows

    Hey guys! I'm currently making my first inn at the start town of my game, and I ran into a problem: how can I place tiles above the shadows created with the shadow pen?
  17. Action during message

    Hey guys! For cutscenes, I thought it might be cool to show or change something while a message is still playing, which is common in visual novels. Can I do that in RMMZ too?
  18. Select single frame

    Hey guys! For the damage sprite, I wanted to know if I can select a single frame with events. Thta could be useful for creating cutscenes.
  19. Make images float

    Hey guys! I want to know how to make images float, which I want to use for the gods and the fairies in my game.
  20. Camera travelling

    Hey guys! I want to do a cutscene where the camera starts at the bottom of the map then slowly moves up towards character on the pedestal. How can I do this?

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