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  1. 10kk

    Copyright/Remixes and posting games on Rpgmakerweb

    First of all I want to point out that this thread is not meant to cause arguments, I am just trying to have some things clarified and want to pose a few questions to figure it out. I am not arguing for using copyrighted material in games, that is not the point. I would just like to know how...
  2. 10kk

    Is there a way to get rid of the waiting between each step in Custom move routes?

    In the Autonomous Movement panel of an event, you have the choice to set a Custom move route. If you use this and say, make an event walk 5 tiles in a direction, there is a small delay between each step no matter the Speed. However, if you use the Set Movement Route command in the body of the...
  3. 10kk

    Looking for animation JSON file for Hadecynn's animations.

    His animations can be found here: They are sort of unusable / hard to recreate properly without the json file. If anyone still has this file from mid-last year or so, it would be really appreciated. Or if...
  4. 10kk

    Looking for any relatively finished minigame plugins

    Edit: Nevermind
  5. 10kk

    Stance on fan games, proving your license ownership

    A few questions I would really like a hard answer on because it's seems ambiguous right now. It sucks there isn't a general Q&A forum, so I just post these here, which are site related but not feedback. 1. How do you prove you own your engine, when you publish a game? I have it on steam, but is...
  6. 10kk

    Anyone know what happened to

    It was a website that's been around for 5+ years now, ran by a guy called Ixtab and he would make & do commissions on Rpgmaker battlers, faces, some plugins. I last checked 2-3 months ago and it was up, but no longer. It seems like the domain expired/wasn't paid for. Does anyone know if he has a...
  7. 10kk

    Optical Illusions! Hurt your mind here

    Feeling adventurous? Here's some strange optical illusions which I promise are not animated, they just play tricks on your mind. If you don't believe me you can download them yourself as a png or jpeg and the effect remains. Images credited to Akiyoshi Kitaoka. Feel free to share your own...
  8. 10kk

    Your breaking point in a game

    I'm curious what your 'last straws' are that make you quit a game, and if there's any general advice that any game designer should take into account for solving these unforseen pitfalls. For example. When I am bombarded with way too many story characters in a short timeframe, my brain shuts off...
  9. 10kk

    What is rpgmakerweb's association with and their resources?

    Hard to find anywhere to post this question. Is is the official japanese version of these forums/website? They seem to offer small, unique resourcepacks and have identical structure / use a lot of the official commercial artwork for RMMV, as well as sell it there iirc. If for some...
  10. 10kk

    Any tips for reducing memory usage/reducing lag? Some technical questions

    1. Do "Loop" functions lag more than events which are just parallel processes? In my experience yes, but I dn't know for sure. 2. Are parallel processes a significant factor of lag, if there is too many of them on the map or screen? 3. Yanfly's core engine lets you change game resolution to...
  11. 10kk

    What are your thoughts about "dialogue blips" when a character speaks?

    Not too many games adopt this style. Most notably, a little game called Undertale incorporated it into their characters dialogue, to give the illusion of their voice tone, the brain seems to put it together that way at least. However, Undertale wasn't the first to do this, games like Golden Sun...
  12. 10kk

    Request: RMMV - Evil-2 SV Battler

    Hey everyone. I've looked quite a lot but cannot find a chibi-battler of this RTP Evil character (Evil-2). AKA the Swordsman. A few people have made great emotion sets for this character! I believe a chibi-battler (like all the actors have) would make them a full-fledged usable character for...
  13. 10kk

    How do YOU go about perfectly cropping custom tiles into tilesets?

    Icons are a bit easier for me when templates have different colored squares to show borders, but I don't really know where to start with cropping custom tiles into tilesets without it being super meticulous. My question is how do YOU go about it? Should I crop my current tilesets onto a...
  14. 10kk

    How do I add more tileset pages to be used in a map? (Beyond D and E)

    In RPG Maker VX, there was a plugin which let you use more tileset pages per map. In RPG Maker MV, as far as I know, only has two extra built in tileset pages (D and E) per map. Avoiding having to do parallax mapping, I was wondering if there is a way, or a plugin, where I can use more...
  15. 10kk

    Use more than 5 tilesets per map?

    I know how to import and deal with tilesets, but i'm desperate to know if anyone has a way to use more than 5 tilesets per map? (A B C D E). I remember there being a script for it long ago on VX Ace forums, but this is MV. Thank you.
  16. 10kk

    Sorry if wrong forum to ask, couldn't think of a better place to put this A pretty old site that has a lot of grimdark battlers and such. Does anyone know his terms of use on his art? I can't imagine it being too strict being its so readily accessible
  17. 10kk

    Bigger item description box

    Looking for a plugin or method to have larger description boxes for items/skills (up from 2 lines). Edit: Found a partial solution, here: However, still need a method to edit the added lines. The...
  18. 10kk

    10kk's Legendary Weapons & Icons [MV] (Updated 11/21)

    This is an ongoing collection of IconSet sprites i've created while in the self learning process of spriting (just starting, don't expect very quality art here) These resources are 32x32 meaning only compatible with RPG Maker MV unless resized. Made from scratch. The general theme is for items...
  19. 10kk

    Scale up VX iconset to MV?

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to scale up a VX-size Iconset to MV, I understand it's not as easy as just Resizing in an image editing program (without a big loss in quality). Can someone detail this process and specifics? Or share free to use resized Icon sets? Big thanks (:
  20. 10kk

    Requesting big iconset / scaling?

    I adored the giant Iconset for RMVX, thousands of unique icons let you make any original item you could think of, and was fun to explore all the concepts because all the content was right there. Is it possible to scale it up while maintaining quality, or does someone have a sizeable iconset to...

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