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  1. raffle

    Automatically stop a timer when "show text" is up?

    Henlo everyone! I come back again asking for help on a small little detail :kaocry: Currently I'm using MOG_VisualTimer to have a little bar displaying when a timer is on: It behaves the same as the default timer, it just shows up as a gauge instead. Now I would like for it to pause...
  2. raffle

    Luck based item gathering?

    Henlo again! I'm trying to make gather spots in my map that utilize the Luck parameter to have a chance at getting better items within a certain amount of possible item slots. Let's say I want to pick up berries from a bush. Out of 5 possible slots I can get berries or branches. So let's say...
  3. raffle

    Reset loot in the world without leaving the current map?

    Hey there everyone! I was thinking of having a gatherer class in my game with a skill that has the benefit of resetting loot spots like for resources such as herbs, etc without having to leave the map and coming back in. I was thinking after you've picked up something like: use skill -> lose...
  4. raffle

    How to change an animation resolution to fit a bigger screen size?

    Hey there, I got an animation pack that contains a few full-screen animations but I changed my game's screen resolution so they look cut off, what's the best way to approach resizing them? Here's a clip of what I'm talking about I couldn't find any plugins for it or tutorials on doing it...
  5. raffle

    Request: Orc related tiles

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV/MZ/ACE/Anything T_T Art Style: RTP Description: Henlo again! I'm looking for tiles related to orcs, I'm doing a little orc village and I want it to look very authentic. I already looked around and found a few but maybe some of you know about free...
  6. raffle

    How to have "Show picture" images not shake along with the screen?

    Hello again everyone! I have this little segment in my game that has a "Show picture" command that adds a computer monitor over the map to make it seem like the player is playing a game, but if I use screen shake affects for a cinematic, the image shakes along with the entire screen and it...
  7. raffle

    Tile with small passage through trees?

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP/Avery Description: Hello everyone! I'm looking for a tile with a little passage through the trees so that I could have the player go into a thicker part of the forest at the end of this dead-end instead of simply making a way myself...
  8. raffle

    Prevent the space key from picking options in dialogue?

    Hey there again! I was wondering if it's possible to disable the space key for picking options in dialogue and somehow make it so you need to do Enter or click the options in order to select them? The reason being, players will sometimes skip the dialogue using space and they could accidently...
  9. raffle

    Kitty litter box, food bowl and pillow tiles?

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Hello everyone I'm looking for 3 tiles that could fit the default rpg maker mv aesthetic! I'm looking for a cat littler box, a little food bowl and a pillow where they can sleep, these would need to be in a modern...
  10. raffle

    Remove UI during target selection?

    Hello there I'm using MOG_Battlehud to modify the battle sequences in my game and I was wondering if it is possible to have the UI completely disappear during target selection, by that I mean having no menus with the target choices, players would just use the mouse or keyboard to pick the target...
  11. raffle

    MadeWithMv with a jingle at the game start?

    Hello everyone! I have a custom image at the start of my game replacing the made with mv screen and instead showing my game dev group. And I was wondering if it's possible to add a sound jingle to it and how to go about it? I looked around online and couldn't find anything like that :dizzy...
  12. raffle

    How to change an item's name with YEP_ItemCore

    Hey there! I was wondering how can I change an item's name with YEP_ItemCore to make it so a suffix appears depending on the item's random variance, just like on their video where it shows a (+5) at the end of the item's name: This is what I have on the item's page I am testing with: And as...
  13. raffle

    Celianna's nature set animated water tile

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's original Description: Hey there I'm looking for a way to have an animated water tile for A1 that could match the underwater areas from Celianna's set. I tried doing it myself by replacing the water on the A1 tiles but it still looks...
  14. raffle

    RMMV SRDude Character Creation EX and Luna Engine MV - Compatible?

    Hello everyone, I'm getting this error whenever I use SRDude's Character Creation EX plugin while Luna Engine MV is active: The character creator works without an issue if I turn off Luna Engine MV, could it be a simple problem of Luna not detecting a new menu or something? I'm not a coder...
  15. raffle

    Hide the controllable character from formation/battle?

    Hey everyone, I have been trying to find a way to make it so the protagonist of the game actually doesn't fight at all and does not appear on the party formation. Basically in the story he has other people fighting for him, so him being in the party really clutters my idea. Is it feasible to...
  16. raffle

    How to approach save games for a continuously updated game

    Hello there! I'm currently working on a game that will have a long story which I'll deliver with patches to the game. My main concern are save games. I'm afraid older saves could be incompatible with new patches. The way I'm going to approach it is to only let players save at a specific...

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