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  1. Basic Quest System

    If you remove the item reward/XP scale does it show up? I'm wondering if also possible it's there but hidden by the window size.
  2. Need stat point script! Please help!

    This is probably what you're after. Perfect Stat Point Distribution System
  3. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

      You were absolutely right. I guess I'll have to check the grade based on seconds played. Thanks again! It's formatted correctly now and doesn't crash. I do appreciate your help and patience, thank you very much. I think it's is probably as good as it's going to get now.
  4. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    Yes it supports Icon, but it was an actual image (not from the Icon Set) that I was intending to use. One image per each Grade. I used $game_variables[0026] = sprintf("%02d:%02d%02d", Graphics.frame_count / 12960000,Graphics.frame_count / 216000 , Graphics.frame_count / 3600)  The value stays...
  5. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    So using XS Records the best I can seem to do looks like this: It doesn't support images and there's obviously no menu. Is there no way to get the Game Timer variable to display in the correct Hours:Minutes:Seconds format?
  6. Yanfly Victory Aftermath & Victor Materia System compatibility request

    Hmm I tested in a blank project with just Victors Materia and and your fix. It seems you're right, maybe it's my project and one or more scripts dealing with the Aftermath window. But the Materia growth set to 10 again didn't yield any bonus AP. A Slime that gave 15 XP, (1.5 AP) on a weapon with...
  7. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    This is quite good, the only issue is it seems to only support icons so I can't use any grading images. Since variables can't be a string I can't see any way to go about making just a grade/rank either.
  8. Yanfly Victory Aftermath & Victor Materia System compatibility request

    This seems to have the same problem as another fix I tried somewhere in the Materia System thread. The end Victory Aftermath shows +2AP (I'm guessing the AP reward for an individual Slime) however the troop has 2 Slimes and I actually gain 4 AP. I also tested it by increasing the XP, it says I...
  9. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    No I didn't load a saved game and line 88 is if filename.empty? #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  # * Load Bitmap  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  def self.load_bitmap(folder_name, filename, hue = 0)   ...
  10. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    Hmm I put it into my project and I got a strange error. .empty? is a standard Ruby method isn't it? Not sure why it's throwing me an error. But from the screenshots I can see. It looks like it's setup to display images nicely however I'm not sure how I'd go about displaying variables, text...
  11. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    It's not how I've chosen to present my information, it's the lack of options over the display of message boxes I have. Firstly there's no apparent way to show an image inside of a message box like the example I gave in my first post. Even if there is, I'd need to copy and paste the entire...
  12. Basic Quest System

    I've attached an image below which will hopefully show you how to setup a working quest giver. Oh you mean show completed quests in the Quest Menu? I think that would need to be scripted in by Vlue.
  13. Endgame Statistics Screen & Ranking

    I'm after displaying variables, switches and various game stats(saves, various actors stats/ etc) upon game completion. This would ideally also include ranks based on switches and variables. This is akin to the Metal Gear Solid games. I realise I can do this just by writing variables into a...
  14. Basic Quest System

    You mean 'ask_accept(:questid001)'?
  15. Basic Quest System

    Haha, I only know because I've done it so many times. Missing one little comma? ERROR!!! So yeah, glad it's working!
  16. Basic Quest System

    Oh you need to download 7zip to open it. :)
  17. Basic Quest System

    Have you tried changing the order? Putting the scripts above or below the other. It can sometimes help.
  18. Basic Quest System

    Take away the curly braces at the end of each objective and item. You only need one to open and one at the end to close. Like this:
  19. Basic Quest System

    It wouldn't be too bad if all of your quest board quests are auto-turn in quests. That way you don't have to deal with checking if they've accepted/completed the quest already. In which case you can just do:
  20. Basic Quest System

    I'm not sure what is going wrong if it's still freezing. I seen one of your older screenshots and the troop condition required a switch, is that switch being handled properly? In any case I uploaded a brand new project with a working quest to kill a Slime. Maybe take a look at it and try it in...

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