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  1. Warrior_Corporation

    How to make enemies respawn in MogHunter ATB system

    I've seen that the MogHunter ATB battle system is very good but when the enemies die they do not come back, how to create a respawn after a while? Note: This is the ATB of the chrono engine. System:
  2. Warrior_Corporation

    How do I show quantity of items in inventory? YEP_ItemCore

    How do I show the amount of items in the YEP Item Core plugin ?. It only shows the quantity when I click on the item, the quantity appears in the discard option.
  3. Warrior_Corporation

    RMMV: Help with the Quasi Simple Shadows (Quasi) plugin

    I'm using the shadow plugin and the game is not rendering the map, for example: if I put two light pole on the map, the two render and everything is shown. If I put a lot of light pole on the map, it does not render the map, it only shows the light pole and the game completely hangs, examples...
  4. Warrior_Corporation

    MV Request: If the internet is on, it earns gold.

    Hello everyone! I think this request will not be difficult to do. What I need is a plugin / line of code, which if the player is connected to the internet, he will earn X Gold per Minute, then for example: every minute I will earn 20 of Gold because my internet is connected: If the internet...
  5. Warrior_Corporation

    How to improve an image of the YEP_ItemPictureImg plugin?

    I'm using the YEP plugin called ItemPictureImg, but when I crop and put the image, it does not look very good graphically, it gets blurry, is there any way to make those images better graphically? Example below:
  6. Warrior_Corporation

    How to make an event with random rain?

    For example: in 900 frames, there will be a 20% chance of starting to rain, I want to know how I can create an event of such a chance of something happening, for example rain. I think it's something with variables but, I don't know where it is. Another example in parallel event mode: Wait 999...
  7. Warrior_Corporation

    RMMV: Is there a plugin for the player power to play only with the internet connected?

    By default, the player does not need internet to play some game made in RPG Maker MV, is there any way to deploy it? Some players play with the internet off to show no ads, is there any plugin or configuration so that the player can only play if the internet is connected?
  8. Warrior_Corporation

    I can you increase the size of the map, more of limit?

    I have a large project and the map needs to be more than 256 x 256, is there any method to increase the map size limit? for example to 500 x 500.
  9. Warrior_Corporation

    Problem: Infinite loading screen.

    I'm creating my game for the android version but when I went to test it, I always come across an infinite loading screen, not even the menu appears, does anyone know any possibility of the cause?
  10. Warrior_Corporation

    Infinite Loading Screen

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting my Android game tested. Now the problem is that the game gets infinitely on the loading screen "Now Loading" I found a similar topic but there was no response from who had the problem, if you know the possible problem, please help me
  11. Warrior_Corporation

    MV: Android: The Menu Opens with Two Fingers

    The RPG Maker MV has by default on Android, open and close menu with two fingers pressed at the same time. Is there a way to remove this? I'm using an ABS type and I need to walk with the joystick and attack at the same time with another button, but if I do that I'll open the menu, so that's the...
  12. Warrior_Corporation

    Error loading sound BGM Battle 01

    I was testing my game on Android and there was an error loading a BGM song called Battle 01, but this song was in the folder when I went to APK, I have no idea how to fix it, can anyone help me? (The error is at the beginning of the game). :hswt:
  13. Warrior_Corporation

    How Does Screen Locations Work?

    Hello friends, I'm trying to position a hud in the place I want, how can I know the locations X and Y on the screen? For example: I want a life hud to appear in the lower left corner, how will I know where X and Y are in this place? plugins HUD ask for X and Y. Can anyone help?

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