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  1. Damascus7

    RMMV Action Sequences - function for checking user's enemy index?

    Hi there! I'm using Yanfly's Action Sequences and I'm just looking for a particular function that I can't find in any documentation I checked, which is checking the index of the enemy that used it so I can run one of two particular choices in the action sequences. Here's an example: motion...
  2. Damascus7

    RMMV Yanfly's Action Sequences -- conditional movement

    I'm using Yanfly's Action Sequences, and I'm currently trying to put in a conditional script into one of the sequences. The idea is: when you take the Attack action, the character moves up to the target to attack, UNLESS the attacker is using a crossbow type weapon. The crossbow's weapon type...
  3. Damascus7

    RMMV SumRndmDde's Dynamic Actors attempting to pull image from wrong folder

    Hi there! I'm using SumRndmDde's Dynamic Actors to try and add wings to the back of a character sprite upon class change, and am encountering a rather strange bug. I kept trying notetags for different pieces of clothing, and none of them were appearing on the character. I found out why after I...
  4. Damascus7

    Changing HP gauge height in rpg_windows.js, WITHOUT using a plugin

    Hey, y'all! So I'm still working on an ongoing problem with changing the height of HP gauges, and I can't do it exactly the way I want with any available plugins. Any of the plugins I try either do not give me the option to change the height, do not work properly with one or more of my own...
  5. Damascus7

    Adding something to a character battle sprite mid-battle?

    Hey there! I was unsure of where to put this because I'm not sure whether or not it will require a plugin, or which plugin it would require if so. I'm looking for a way to add something to a player character's sprite mid-battle. Specifically, I want to add a pair of wings behind the character...
  6. Damascus7

    RMMV Olivia's Octobattle HP gauge height

    I'm facing another slight problem with Olivia's Octobattle. The plugin's HP gauges are a bit too thick for my liking. I'd prefer them to be about a half or a third of the height. The only variables I see in the plugin are for minimum width and gauge padding. Is there another way to change the...
  7. Damascus7

    RMMV Olivia's Octo Battle, OTB - HP bars and names misaligned

    Hi all! I'm implementing the Order Turn Battle system from Olivia's Octo Battle. Almost everything is going well, except I'm having trouble with the HP bars and enemy names appearing in the wrong places. I'm expecting them to appear directly overhead of the enemies but they seem to be almost...
  8. Damascus7

    Replicating night tint with transparent parallax layer?

    I am trying to put a day/night cycle in my game, but the catch is I don't want to use the "Tint Screen" command, but rather use parallax mapping to put a transparent layer on top of everything. This way I will be able to remove the tint around lighter areas such as under street lights. Making a...
  9. Damascus7

    How do you organize dialogue when writing?

    As I'm starting to get into the later stages of developing my demo, I really have to buckle down on writing dialogue for the game. The problem I'm running into is how to organize all the dialogue in my game on my computer on a way that makes sense, and is easy to find everything. Currently, I...
  10. Damascus7

    Manual night tint on map

    I am trying to put a day/night cycle in my game, but the catch is I don't want to use the "Tint Screen" command, but rather make a separate night map so I can alter lighting implements and shadows (like removing the night tint around bright lights). As I am using parallax mapping, I could use...
  11. Damascus7

    Looking for Turkish/Ottoman background music (free if possible)

    Resource Type: Background music Maker Format: MV I'm making a demo of a high fantasy RPG based around an old Turkish or Ottoman Empire setting. For the music, I'd like something in the style of old Turkish/Ottoman folk and instrumental music. There will also be a light amount of crossover with...
  12. Damascus7

    Replicating night Tint Screen in parallax mapping (Photoshop)

    Hi there! I am trying to put a day/night cycle in my game, but the catch is I don't want to use the "Tint Screen" command, but rather make a separate night map so I can alter lighting implements and shadows. As I am using parallax mapping, I could use some guidance on how exactly to replicate...
  13. Damascus7

    RMMV Not sure how OctoPack Battler Sample Project works

    I'm looking into some of the plugins made by Fallen Angel Olivia, and noticed she has a Sample Project containing all the plugins I want to use for my project: ( Specifically, I just want to use Side Battle UI, Battle Effects...
  14. Damascus7

    RMMV [Solved] Yanfly's Action Sequences: character doing ready/magical motion during all skills

    Heyo, so I've been having this nasty problem for a LONG time now and haven't been able to find a fix for this. Whenever I start a skill on my character, it will assume the "ready/magical" motion for the entire duration of the skill even though I am not calling for it. And if I trigger a...
  15. Damascus7

    RMMV Hime's Actor Battle Commands not hiding/showing

    Hi there! I'm using Hime's Actor Battle Commands ( I've created a command that I want to only show up under certain circumstances, sort of like a summon effect, called Incarnate. I've made it a skill type with an ID of 5, and the only actor...
  16. Damascus7

    RMMV Elemental damage colors

    I'd like to have a way to change the color of damage popups depending on the elemental damage type. I've searched around for a similar plugin, but haven't found anything like this for MV. If necessary, I'm willing to add different colors directly to the damage.png if necessary. The colors I...
  17. Damascus7

    Getting individual Yanfly plugins?

    Hi there. So I need Yanfly's Extended Damage Over Time plugin for a burn status. He doesn't seem to be selling this plugin (and many of his plugins) individually anymore. It seems to be party of a $10 pack. Problem is, I already have most of those plugins before he bundled them up in packs, so...
  18. Damascus7

    Increasing a variable when an item is bought... but not decreasing when it's used/sold

    Hi there! I'm looking for a way to count how many of an item a player purchases over time, but not have that count get reduced if they use or sell that item. A quest requires the player to buy 3 healing potions. The current way I am counting it is by having a script that checks how many of the...
  19. Damascus7

    FROG_TalentBasedTraits: skills getting added to all classes

    Hi there! I'm currently using Frogboy's Talent-Based Traits, which is built off his Talent Core. I'm having an unusual little glitch. I have some Skills that should be added to a set of talents. As it is now, in my Talent Core, these Talents should only be available to classes 5 and 6. No other...
  20. Damascus7

    Yanfly Sideview Enemies: abnormal animations not lasting

    Hi all. I'm using Yanfly's Animated Sideview Enemies, and have been having a lasting problem. When an enemy is brought below a certain HP threshhold, their idle animation switches to the Crisis/Abnormal animation. However, whenever they perform any other kind of animation, from either attacking...

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