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  1. RMMV YEP Menu Glitch Crashes Game, Included Error Image.

    I always test on new game pretty much. So yup, new game. Ive gone through the plugins and 4 of them were out of order... Damn it is so easy to accidently drag stuff around in that window -.-. I started with all of them in the correct order lol. Thank you sooooo much @ShadowDragon for that...
  2. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    I wouldn't commission that plug in because its not immediately useful to me, and it may or may not be in the future. Your right, maybe most rpg mv games dont exceed 1000 common events. Still, it was such an easy feature for them to implement that for a company offering a "game engine" it should...
  3. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    What if I didnt want to use a common event? That script would have a ton of usefulness with MVs extremely limited 1000 common events. Why they even limited it so much ill never understand. Its just kbs of data that sits there until its actually executed. Doesnt hurt the game. MZ is same...
  4. ALOE_YEP_PluginOrderChecker

    This is an amazing tool to for any developer to have in thier repertoire. Thanks so much for this. Not sure if plugin order is causing my current error or not, but its already detected 2 out of place plugins and im still going. Its so easy to accidently drag them around in the editor even if you...
  5. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    Okay great thank you. Another question, is there a plugin available that can execute script calls from item note tags when an item is used, instead of picked up?
  6. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    Question, if I run two script calls do i use the note tag twice? I have to run two script calls to make this method work right? So: <EOM_ItemPickupEval: //code1> <EOM_ItemPickupEval: //code2> Or do i just use a comma or something?
  7. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    I appreciate the script I will try my best to see what I can do with it. Ill let you know if I encounter any errors.
  8. RMMV YEP Menu Glitch Crashes Game, Included Error Image.

    Hi, I am running into a bug where in the change party member screen crashes if i exit the menu with the second actor selected in my party. Here is a screenshot of the Error:
  9. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    So, I add the note tag to an item, and using the note tag this plugin will give me an actor instead of the "item"? What do I put in the "your javascript code here" field to make this work? Also thank you to everyone else for the replies.
  10. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    On the scriptcalls, I dont need to use items at all anyway. Only reason I was using items as a potential method at all is because they can call common events, which I dont have enough common event slots to fill anyways. So I would rather look at a direct method that uses no items at all. If you...
  11. RMMV RPGMV "Project: Infinity" Monster Collecting Game

    Engine: RPG MV Synopsis: A monster collecting game where you can collect one monster of each species type, sort of like a "safari system". This means actor cloning is currently not necessary, since there are sub 2000 monsters which are already done and in the game. The game uses a front view...
  12. RMMV Help with Actor Shop System (Searched Forums Already...)

    Hi there, Ideally, I need a script that scans all the actors in the database and adds them to a shop window with category tabs, and displays their portrait on the side. You can set the category (shop tab) and price for each actor using note tags on actor database page. When you buy the actor...
  13. RMMV Actor recruitment shop

    Did you ever get a plug in for this? I need a plug in similar to this for a fan game.
  14. JS Graphic Problem Using Yanfly Plugins

    Hi there, I took a screenshot of the full error I am getting. I used a skill in MV that added a state with 5% param boosts, targeting the skill user in the party. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!

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