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  1. video playback randomly crashes games

    is this a common error with previous versions of mv? i started my project several updates ago and 6 out of seven times it plays movies fine, but other times it hangs a few seconds in. i turned off all plugins except title skip 1.0
  2. html5 erroring with

    is this a thing? is was working previously, albeit slowly. i threw a preloader on my project and this error started happening whenever itch would try and run it: do these words mean anything to anyone? now i can't get it to work at all even with the plugin off. but it still plays fine as...
  3. attacking two specific enemies instead of two random enemies?

    is it a plug in? is it a script edit? is it in vanilla MV and I don't see it? thanks anyone who reads this.
  4. 'character' layer vs 'tileset' layer

    Is this a thing!? I took a tile from a tileset, animated it with four frames (galv's character frames), kept the width(48x4), changed the height48x4), BUTT, when I went to plug it back into the editor as a 'character' it displays a few pixels above where it should logically be. I then set this...
  5. first person camera

    is anyone else developing their games 1st person? it's been challenging so far but really enjoyable.
  6. Video overlay with transparency.

  7. closing a message window without player input

    is this possible? I know about \^ but it advances to the the final window and waits for player input to close it. thank you anyone.

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