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  1. sundricat

    MIDI Editor for RPG Maker MIDIs

    Is there a free MIDI editor that anyone would recommend for modifying the number 111 control change, which is used for the loop start on BGM MIDI's, on BGM MIDI's from older RPG Makers such as RPG Maker XP? The image below just shows that I actually have RPG Maker XP on Steam, which actually...
  2. sundricat

    Modify KADOKAWA Resources

    Am I allowed to modify the RTP resources provided with RPG Makers and DLC resources bought on Steam, for example, Modern Day Tiles for VX Ace, and then proceed to use the modified resources in games created with RPG Maker?
  3. sundricat

    Old RPG Maker Resources

    Not sure if this belongs here, but if I bought an older RPG Maker, such as RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker 2003, would I be allowed to use resources from XP/2003 in a newer RPG Maker, with possible modifications to the resources?
  4. sundricat

    Play Map BGS During Battle

    Could someone make a plugin that forces the BGS that was playing before a battle starts to be played all the way through the battle? For example, we have this river map. We have the "River" BGS playing on the map. But as soon as we enter a battle, the BGS stops until the battle is...

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