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  1. TamFey's Timed Button Attacks

    Hello! I am using version 1.2 of the plugin.  Every time I make an incorrectly timed down arrow input, I get "Undefined is not a function." Also, during the opening thing, after selecting all the incorrect classes and then Warrior, it still berates me for choosing Alchemist. This prevents...
  2. Would go great in the background of one of the rhythm game plugins! Or in a jukebox/music list. ...

    Would go great in the background of one of the rhythm game plugins! Or in a jukebox/music list.  Theatrhythm Music book
  3. CreatureEssentials (the *start* of a pokemon essentials for MV, maybe?)

    This looks great so far! I was waiting for the full Luna Engine to be released to try this, but you are way ahead of me.  If I understand correctly, you are willing to let this be included in public Pokemon asset packs (upon completion), without being directly involved in said collections...
  4. Corniflex Pluggins - Yanfly Addons - Latest : Class Tree !

    Nice work! That is a really impressive list of classes - any chance you plan on releasing your database?
  5. [Update:02/22/2016]Yunary's MV Tilesets

    Great work! Very fun colors! The white window is a little difficult to see - any chance you can make the shadows/outlines a bit darker? 
  6. VE - Diagonal Movement

    Is it possible to use this plugin to force only/default to diagonal movement, such as in Megaman Battle Network? Instead of single arrows being mapped to regular directions, they would be mapped to diagonal movements. The default 4 movements would optionally be disabled, or only usable through...
  7. MVFU (Like Kung Fu.) - Nice conversion for VX/Ace assets

    The website is finally letting me back on without using a proxy, but half of the time clicking the "download" button only deletes the file from the server, and does not download it. I have to manually press "open link in new tab" to ensure that the file downloads. There are hundreds and hundreds...
  8. Strange Grid Graphical Glitch

    I was looking through the forums for anyone else who experiences this - I do as well.  It also happens during name input, but sometimes does not happen at all.  Did you find any solutions? 
  9. Save Event Position

    If I move an event, save it, and then move it again, would I need to forget, move route, and then save again? Or would I just move the event as usual and then save again?  Thanks a lot for this, the location resets were making things very frustrating. 
  10. which screen video recording program is best.

    This goes for every high usage program, but you are best off closing any inessential program while recording to reduce lag.  If you are recording a demo for your game, close out of everything other than your game and the recorder, and maybe even turn off the internet for the best possible...
  11. which screen video recording program is best.

    I use Open Broadcast Software (OBS).  Completely free, HD, streamable, no limit, and no watermark.  It can record as much as your computer can handle, and can also be set to only record inside certain windows.  By far the best I have ever used.
  12. Actors Friendship System

    This is great! Does it only work for actors in the party (or actors in general), or can NPCs be set and have their friendship levels go up using plugin commands in events? 

    This looks great! Is there a way to have the default text color for all of the text to another color, but still have the designated phrases get their designated colors?  Example: Wow, what a great day!  Vs Wow, what a great day! 
  14. Orange Mapshot

    Does this only take a snapshot of the map you are currently on?  Any chance to have an option to screencap every map in the project file? 
  15. SLEEPy MV "resources"

    Those are a lot of tiny tiles...this is a good thread. Keep up the good work. 
  16. Please help us test this issue

    Windows 8.1, Steam version: Works fine. I think the Steam version is updated.  Windows 8.1, Standalone (release version): Also works.  I named the switch "Switch" and used a separate starting parallax, followed by two different ones depending on switch's status, if that helps. 
  17. MVFU (Like Kung Fu.) - Nice conversion for VX/Ace assets

    I can get the site to load using an in-browser proxy, but then anything I try to do eventually ends up with "Processing failed. Retrying Soon..." error.  Any chance you can make this an executable, offline program? 
  18. MVFU (Like Kung Fu.) - Nice conversion for VX/Ace assets

    I am still unable to access the site; it says "This webpage is unavailable".  It works for my friends for some reason.  Any ideas? 
  19. MVFU (Like Kung Fu.) - Nice conversion for VX/Ace assets

    Any chance you can make the prefix optional? I am trying to do Ace -> MV conversion, and the filenames need to stay for it to work easily. 
  20. MV Unused Resource Scanner Plugin

    This sounds amazing! I look forward to it.  It would also be useful to create a .txt file that lists which resources are used, and which ones are unused.  Also, an option to choose which audio files get saved or sent to unused, since not every project is going mobile.  So something like, ...

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