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  1. Kraven

    Hot spot image does not appear

    Hello TijerinArt, Thank you for your advice, I tried putting the graphics in other folders and it started working!
  2. Kraven

    Games made with VN? Here are some on
  3. Kraven

    Hot spot image does not appear

    Hello, I'm new to Visual Novel Maker. I'm having some trouble with my hotspot pictures. If I add a hot spot and add images to Base, Hover, Selected, Selected Hover, and Unselected, nothing happens and I don't see any images. Does anyone know how top make the hot spot image appear? Thank you...
  4. Kraven

    RMMZ Increase Follower Distance Plugin

    Hello, For my RPG I would like to use sprites that are larger than the 48x48 pixels. When I have more than one member in the party I would like to space out my characters by one tile so the graphics don't overlap one another. I am looking for a plugin for RMMZ that would increase follower...
  5. Kraven

    [Request] More frames for Events/NPCs

    Thanks Victor, I look forward to it :)
  6. Kraven

    [Request] More frames for Events/NPCs

    Sorry for the double post.  I guess what I'm looking for is a plugin that does the following...  - All 8 directions for the player and events/npcs  - Idle, Walk, Run  - Multiple animation frames. It looks like Galv has most of these features, but I don't believe they work on the...
  7. Kraven

    [Request] More frames for Events/NPCs

    Just curious if you plan to expand this to include, Idle, Walk, Sprint sprite options. Thanks
  8. Kraven

    [Request] More frames for Events/NPCs

    Victor, this is just what I was looking for!  I'm working on it now. Thank you,  - Kraven
  9. Kraven

    [Request] More frames for Events/NPCs

    Hello, Would anyone be willing to make a plugin so that Events/NPCs could have more than 3 frames of animation or possibly 8 directional sprites instead of 4?  I know these exist for the players but I'm not able to find one for events.  If one already exists please point me in the right...
  10. Kraven

    More Character Frames

    Hello, this looks really great, how hard would it be to add diagonal sprites to this?  8 frames x 8 directions would be amazing!  Thanks for all your hard work - Kraven Image by - Dekita
  11. Kraven

    8 Directional Sprites

    Thanks for the news, I'll keep an eye out for that.
  12. Kraven

    8 Directional Sprites

    Hello, Is there any way yet to have 8 directional sprites go along with the 8 directional movement?  I would also like more than 3 frames of animation per direction.  Also is there a way to have different sprites for the three different types of movement?   Idles Walking Sprinting I know...
  13. Kraven

    Default to full screen?

    Hello, I was wondering if I am missing something, but is there a way to make the game start with fullscreen as the default?  I know it's possible with Alt+Enter or F4 etc, but if I release a game I would like it to feel more polished. Thanks for the help, Kraven

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