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  1. Zekken

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    I try to edit the damage.png and find out that this font is smaller than your edit @tale . How did you edit this?
  2. Zekken

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    Ok, lastly how do I credit if I use this?
  3. Zekken

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    Ok, Thanks. So the resource is a font and then you make it into damage.png?
  4. Zekken

    Assorted - Damage.png (14 style damage popups)

    Where did you get the "Bold, Bitmap, Toon, Tall, Simple" damage.png by reemax? Do you have a link back for that?
  5. Zekken

    GalacticGod's Resources & MZ Edits!

    @GalacticGod Maybe you can also share your edit of Vibrato's B2 spritesheet. Also I want to share this Eisele's pet edit that you made :
  6. Zekken

    RMMV tips: Upgrade NWJS and Chromium 67,68 64bits

    This is what appear when I tried to launch my deployed game after updating nwjs in the deployed folder (nwjs-win) Anyone know why and how to solve it?
  7. Zekken

    RPG Maker MZ toogle fullscreen freeze

    I'm using the trial version of RPG Maker MZ and when I press f4 to go full screen and press it again to close full screen, my computer freezes. It also happen when I manually update nw.js of MV to the newest version. Maybe it is because of the nw.js Anyone have encounter the same issue and...
  8. Zekken

    Harold with Cover Art Style

    I'm sorry I mean faces / busts. Comparing both cover art character and rtp character faces, I found that the art style are slightly different.
  9. Zekken

    Harold with Cover Art Style

  10. Zekken

    Lib's Bits

    What name do you want to be written in the credits? silversatyr?
  11. Zekken

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    Just search in this thread, there's another link
  12. Zekken

    (Solved) Eisele'pet with Vibrato08 artstyle

    Thank you for your hard work @GalacticGod and Good Luck with your static image edit :)
  13. Zekken

    AudioStreaming.js (Plugin to improve RPG Maker MV audio performance)

    So this plugin doesn't caching the audio but can makes the audio play quickly?
  14. Zekken

    (Solved) SRD_QuitConformation not working

    Finally solved after contacting SumRndmDde himself. Just in case someone find the same issue, all you need to do is upgrade your SRD_GameUpgrade.js to version 1.33
  15. Zekken

    (Solved) SRD_QuitConformation not working

    I install the plugin as instructed in this video : Install it with proper plugins order also install the required plugins (SRD_GameUpgrade and SRD_WindowUpgrade), install it on a blank new project with no savegame and no other plugins but still not working. Anyone have ever have the same issue...
  16. Zekken

    Harold with Cover Art Style

  17. Zekken

    (Solved) Looking for TheUnproPro Minimap plugin

    Found it already in here : But he create a new one because the old version seems to have a little problem with saving and loading : Write it here just in case somebody search for it.

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