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  1. Virtual Grid Combat Engine

    Virtual Grid Combat Engine Virtual Grid Combat Engine places the party and the enemies in square grids. The party members are placed in 2x2 and the enemies are placed in 3x3. This allows additional strategic skills and items that attack an entire column or row of enemies. (The RTP only...
  2. Card and Deck base

    Card and Deck base Introduction Provides base classes to build your own cards, decks, and card game. Features -- Prototype classes which your own card game can inherit from. -- Paint cards to the screen. Long-term -- Plugin commands -- Demo card games -- Animation? How to use...
  3. Save File Extras

    Save File Extras by Amuseum Introduction Show extra information in the save screen, including location, character level, and party gold. Features Show extra information in the save screen, including location, level, and gold. Options to hide information you don't want to see...
  4. Menu Mouse Scroll

    MenuMouseScroll by Amuseum Introduction Enable mouse wheel and touch swipe to scroll through characters in main menu and lists. Features Select next or previous party members by using the mouse wheel or touch swiping within the main menu screens, including the Skill, Equip, and Status screens...

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I remade/fixed my Elf XP Mack Templates. The Ears are looking better now.
Male Update.pngFemale Update.png
You can check them out, they are in 12 recolours, both Human and Elf Versions!
College is hitting me a lil' softer than I expected, so I'm back on MV!
And to kick things off, here's a lil' test of a tileset edit I made today! (Took me, like, 5 hours, considering this was the first time I've EVER used GraphicsGale...)Edit test SUCCESS.PNG
I don't know when I'll have time to finish this, so I'll post this mostly complete version now. Another major character of my project, his name is Red (at least until I can think up a better R-name). In case he looks familiar, it's because his design (and personality) is based directly from my favorite anime character of all time (who is, unfortunately, fairly obscure).

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