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  1. Change default save location

    Is there a way to change the default save location of projects? I want it on another drive and it would help if I did not have to copy over a copy every time I add 1 small thing to the project.
  2. Event and Player touch at the same time

    Simple. This is one and the same event with 2 tabs. Both tabs has the exact same conditions(Which is none at the moment). I heard that only the last tab would run but I'm looking for something similar in a situation where both will work. The idea here is that the player is supposed to follow an...
  3. RMMZ OuterSelfSwitch?

    Just wanted to ask as I can't find it... Is there an OuterSelfSwitch plugin just like there was with MV? In that case where can I find it?
  4. How is the character generator?

    So I just want to know one thing about the character generator that I can't find info on anywhere. What I'm wondering about is the damage sprite section. Is it still 3 identical sprites or is there some variety? I would appreciate a screenshot to see what it would look like thanks!
  5. Tweaked Shop Processing

    So I want to open up a shop processing (Already know how to do that) I want to disable "sell" (Already know how to do that too) I also want to change the word "Buy" for something else. Say I walk close to a campfire and open up this shop processing but I want it to say cook instead of buy...
  6. Damage Sprites

    I'm sure this has been asked before and I just can't find it or atleast not find an answer for it. But I look at the damage sprites and I always wonder. All three damage sprites on a character is exactly identical... or atleast no matter how I bend and look at it it all look the same to me. Is...
  7. Conditional Branches

    So what I need here is more else if statements. So first I'll be checking the value of two variables and if any of them does not match it will check the value of two other variables. Did that make sense? Prolly not but the idea is I want to have more than 2 conditions. like 10 but I have no idea...
  8. Multi Subclasses

    So I'v ran into a bit of a problem. I do know of YEP_Subclass plugin but it looks to me that it only allows for one subclass and what I'm looking for is a bit more specific What I'm trying to do is have the player pick 3 classes out of a larger list. These classes will in turn be the ones that...
  9. Long names and classes

    Hello again! I'v been having this one problem for a long time now. My characters tend to have long names (like first and last). So long that the last part of the name always collide with the class name making it impossible to read that one last part. As if the letters is mushed together. Is...
  10. Stats Boost Potions

    So lets say I want to make a strength potion. That potion will temporarly boost your strength by 30 points for let say 5 turns. I can adjust the number of turns the boost will apply but I can't find a way to adjust the level of the boost. Anyone got an idea on how to do that?
  11. Chase player and damage on impact

    So I want to avoid using the battle process the MV aleady comes with as much as possible and insead have the game events damage and take damage on impact. I'm using YEP Event Chase Player to have the event chase me after a certain range but I can't get them to move randomly otherwise which is...
  12. RMMV Alchemy Groundwork!

    Alchemy Groundwork (This is not really the game title!) SECTION A: GAMEPLAY MECHANICS SECTION B: CHARACTERS WHAT I NEED HELP WITH! Here is what I need help with. I'm stuck with what do add and how to make it make sense! It's a fantasy so it doesn't need to be realistic but the I don't...
  13. YEP.58 – Item Synthesis not working for me...

    Yes I know there was another thread about it. It didn't help me and I want to avoid necroing. So here is a few screenshots of what I did and what I get. I have tried to look up tutorials but that didn't help... Other than the 2 plugins that is always installed for every game I only have...
  14. Change BGM/BGS

    Hello again. I just wonder if there was a way to change/remove/put in a soundtrack in different areas at different points of the game without having to duplicate the map? I have tried to put it in an event but it doesn't really continue on from the event before and instead resets the soundtrack...
  15. I want to put a house on fire! (IG ofcourse xD)

    So... I have tried to use you know fire objects in ebents and even tried to make my own fire animation but that didn't go so well. Or it didn't look good enough (I still dun have enough skill with creating skill animations I guess.) But anyone knows of a way to make it look like a house is on...
  16. RMMV Prisonborn(One Map challange game)!

    Information This is a game that came about after I decided to tackle the "One Map Challange" here on the forum. It was harder than I thought but I think I managed... Somewhat... Synopsis Met Inmate! He's a Prisonborn. Yes he was born! No he didn't come out from some tummy! What did he do then...
  17. Posting game

    So I decided to do the one room challenge I found here on the forum. I'm almost done with it but not sure what to do about the credits. Basicly just used the core MV program tools. Didn't add any plugins or use any DLCs just the core program. What do I put in the credits? I'm clueless when it...
  18. A question about limits

    Hello, I have one question that would help me plan ahead better. Like I'v seen a limit of 999 on most things you can do. like switches, items and so on (Do let me know if the number I stated is wrong). But I wonder about something specific here. How many events can we start at this game? Like...
  19. Hello, Adel here!

    Hello everyone! My name is Adel as you might have guessed. Working student that found pleasure in developing a game for fun? I'm new to this forum but I'v been practicing how to use the RPG Maker MV program for some time now. Looks like a mess but it works! I hope to get to know the people...

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