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  1. LawrenceindaSky

    Custom VisuStella OptionsCore Options?

    So I've been trying to fiddle with trying to learn .js and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it after so much time, so the plugin, OptionsCore by VisuStella, I'm trying to get a Custom Option, just something simple to test, I want to have this Option to have 3 Options, 1, 2, and 3, each...
  2. LawrenceindaSky

    RMMZ Pre-Title for MZ?

    So I've been looking around and I couldn't find anything so figured to ask here, is there a Plugin for RPG MZ similar to HimeWorks Pre-Title Events for MV? I am just looking for something to either play a video or BGM before the title, mainly for Splashscreens.
  3. LawrenceindaSky

    RMMZ Plugin for Region Collision?

    Sorry if this isn't posted in the right area, not sure where to put this question, but on RPG Maker MV there was YEP_RegionRestrictions, it allowed people to restrict players or NPCs to certain areas using Regions. Is there a similar Plugin for MZ? It would help a lot! Thank you in advance!
  4. LawrenceindaSky

    Increase Max Level per Actor?

    I’m not sure the best place to put this question, but this was an idea for my game that I wanted to try out but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. What I’m trying to achieve is to allow the player to “Upgrade” an Actors Max Level (Ex: 1 Actor is Capped at level 20, but buying a Upgrade...
  5. LawrenceindaSky

    Trying to understand AGI to balance gameplay?

    So I'm still somewhat new to balancing gameplay, which I recently finished learning formulas to balance Enemy Levels with the Player, but I don't understand how AGI is calculated and used? AGI to my understanding is for Dodging attacks and getting Crit Hits? Is it if the AGI is larger than ATK...
  6. LawrenceindaSky

    Yanfly Area of Effect + Action Sequences | Hard to understand for me.

    So recently I decided to started using Yanfly's Action Sequences and I got the hang of it, until I added Area of Effect. Whenever I use a skill that does Area of Effect, it plays the whole Action Sequence for each character affected by the radius. What I am aiming for is when the enemy is...
  7. LawrenceindaSky

    YEP_EnhancedTP using it for MP?

    So I've been having issues with TP in my game and decided to just get rid of the system entirely, but I like the "TP Modes" in the YEP_EnhancedTP Plugin, but what I want to do is use it for MP if possible? Basically my game will be using 2 systems, HP and SP (Health Points and Special Points)...
  8. LawrenceindaSky

    How to add 'Terrax Lighting' Option in YEP_Options Core?

    So, I was able to add quite a bit of options to the Options Core by Yanfly and this is the only one giving me issues. In the plugin parameters, Terrax Lighting has a option to show in the options menu to turn it off (for slower computers) which gives me the impression that I definitely can add...
  9. LawrenceindaSky

    New Menu Look?

    I hate to ask a plugin request but I cant find a plugin capable of this as far as ive looked. So my game is heavily based on only 3 characters in a party and well, I have an idea of what I want, and I made a picture of the general idea im aiming for. Basically to describe it better, the...
  10. LawrenceindaSky

    Battle Scripts to detect 'if player hits (or critical)'

    So I'm implementing a 'Arena Battles' in my game, and I want basically a 'Cheer Rate'. So I tried using Variables 1-5 chance and seeing if that works, and well, they cheer when someone guards. That's a bit... awkward? So my thoughts are, "if player successfully lands a hit on the enemy (OR the...
  11. LawrenceindaSky

    Mini-Game Idea?

    So I may sound a little crazy or nuts for thinking of this as a Idea but, is it possible to make a GamePlay style of the game Catherine where you can pull and push blocks to climb? I’d say it is possible but very complex. I just thought of the idea and i’d figure trying to see if i can achieve this.
  12. LawrenceindaSky

    Force Party Member to Move in Battle

    So I know there is a way to do this, but, I'm trying to make one party member (Not the main character) move similar to the 'Flee' animation. I know that when you add a party member, they slide in, but when removed, they don't slide out. How would I do this?
  13. LawrenceindaSky

    Two Same Numbers when States are Active

    So I'm not really sure where to post this but I am having a weird issue with my States, (Let's use Poison for example) and that is whenever I inflict Poison on a Enemy, this happens: Two of the same number and they both actually add up, so that was 26 damage when I normally wanted 13. I cant...
  14. LawrenceindaSky

    YEP_Job Points to Variables

    So I was looking at the video by Yanfly and looking at the plugin description, there was no script calls or any examples to store it as a variable. What my goal is, is im trying to store it into a variable, and convert it to Gold. I have a number slider and stuff that works fine (Tested with...
  15. LawrenceindaSky

    Buff for Allies after Fallen Allies

    So I tried tinkering with some stuff and I'm not sure if it is possible by default, but during battles, if an Ally is down, can I have the rest gain a Buff (Example: Rage) for a certain amount of time? I feel it would be a neat mechanic to have to give it more atmosphere and personality to the...
  16. LawrenceindaSky

    Tile Puzzle?

    So I've been trying to figure this one out, I've seen a few videos showcasing a "Tile Puzzle" where if a player steps on a tile, it changes its graphic, but if stepped on again it will reset all tiles in the room. The goal is to activate all tiles. I've tried using 4 Pages of events per square...
  17. LawrenceindaSky

    Show Battle Animation on Actor

    So I've fallen into another issue, I can't seem to figure out how to show a Animation during a Battle on a Actor. I've tried using "Force Battle Animation" but it's for Enemies only. I only want to show animation for a specific scene in my game. Is there a script call I can do? (Sorry for asking...
  18. LawrenceindaSky

    Absorb Skill

    So I did see a post on this but I'm mainly confused on what to do with the formula I saw... x=a.mhp - a.hp; if b.hp <= x ;x=b.hp-1;end;a.hp+=x;x I'm trying to just have a variance of 100 or the standard attack damage, but I'm new to formulas so I don't quite understand how it all works. I do...
  19. LawrenceindaSky

    Sideview Enemies Instantly Disappear

    So, I've been trying to thinker around to figure out what I can do but I can't seem to find a workaround at the moment. But I've been trying to get my Sideview enemies (YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies) have a custom death effect instead of it just being the default fall down then suddenly disappear on...
  20. LawrenceindaSky

    Remove/Add Default Menu Commands

    Okay, I know I just asked a question like, yesterday? But I am wondering if there is any sort of way to remove commands such as the Formation, Status, Skill, and Equip, and have the ability to re add them later on? I feel it would be helpful to do this as a tutorial at the beginning of the game...

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