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  1. FirozKhan

    Need some dirt tiles...

    Guys anybody have dirt tiles, especially a dirt water animation tiles. You know ' dirty water ', which fits with a dirt cave. Best if free. I love free... :D :D
  2. FirozKhan

    Help with Icons...

    Hello guys, could use some help here. How can i add icons to my icon set? Or is there any way i can have 2 iconsets? Don't think me as a fool... I am a noob. :D :D :D Or is there some software with I could do it? Thanks in advance
  3. FirozKhan

    Problem with Transfer Player

    Guys, plz help me out. In my game the plot is i try to make the player and his friend transfer them to past. They dont know what happpens. So when they appear in the past map, an autorun event starts.. But when transfer happens.... The player doesnt appear in the map. He simlply dissappeared...
  4. FirozKhan

    Large boss Slime

    Hello makers, Is there any Boss Slime sv battler, sprite with any of you guys or any site where can obtain them. Please help me with it, as my first dungeon is of Slime... :barf: :):cutesmile::):cutesmile: Thank you.....
  5. FirozKhan

    Map in-game..

    I thank everyone who replies to my thread. Is there any way to do a in-game map. It's like player gets a map from someone and he can look into the map and see his location anytime. Is there any plugins or scripts. If it's free, the better! I am broke... Thanks... Pardon my English :ewink: :):)

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