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  1. DrBuni

    RMMV Unable to permanently resize and change position of Window_Message

    Hi! I use the SRD_HUDMaker plugin to make changes to the HUD of my game. It usually works fine, but when it comes to the Window_Message, there are two problems. The first problem is that I can't make permanent changes to it. I have tried resizing and repositioning the window multiple times, but...
  2. DrBuni

    "Raises the fluctuation level of specified parameter by 1".

    Can someone help me understand what this tool tip thingy is trying to say? My game deals with very small numbers when it comes to damage, healing, buffs, etc. I am designing skills that often give minor buffs and debuffs. So for example: [ Bubble Bird Missile ] [ PP ]: 10 [ Category ]...
  3. DrBuni

    RMMV I'd like to zoom in and out during combat

    I am trying to spice up the battle animations for my game, and one way the Darkest Dungeon devs improved the visuals of their battle system was by zooming in the character / enemy when they attack. Like in the example below. I' like to try something similar for my game, but the only zoom-related...
  4. DrBuni

    Map Background shows up in different coordinates when compared to editor

    Two pictures below. One is in the editor, it is how it should look, and how I designed the look of the game in the many mockups I did. The second is how it looks. Essentially, the background picture shows up several pixes lower in-game, which means the tilesets don't cover the area they should...
  5. DrBuni

    RMMV Paper Mario-style "flip" animation

    I am willing to pay for the development of the plugin. I am not swimming in money but I am sure we can negotiate. Please, send me a private message if you are willing to develop it for me. Here is how the effect done in Construct 2: I need this animation effect both in and outside battles...
  6. DrBuni

    RMMV Are there any TBS plugins that allow this kind of battle system?

    Basically, it is the Fire Emblem battle system, except when you attack an unit, a regular battle system pops up, where you select your attacks and stuff. I am terrible at explaining things, so here is a video (timestamped). Thank you!
  7. DrBuni

    Hello! I am looking for feedback on this mockup for my RPG. Questions in the comments.

    Is it difficult to understand the character designs? I recognize that the color scheme is fairly dark and muted, but it is something the story and world asks for. I can certainly attempt a few things to improve the visibility in case it is a problem. Do you like what you see? What does it make...
  8. DrBuni

    RMMV Moghunter's MOG_BattleHud. How to position options in the Window Command side by side?

    I am making a game that has elements from the old SNES Shin Megami Tensei games. The battle hud itself is very similar to what you find in those games. Below is a very early mockup since it is looks very ugly in game. The three top rectangles are related to the player info, and that is easy...
  9. DrBuni

    RMMV Create new element -> Picture does not work in SRD's Hud Maker

    I recorded a video showing the issue. I am trying to make UIs using textures but the option in the aforementioned plugin doesn't work for me. I have tried using it in a different, blank project, and it still doesn't work, so I doubt it is a matter of compatibility. I also tried it on Windows 10...
  10. DrBuni

    RMMV Have battlers stay in specific locations / positions in different battles?

    Hello! A few days ago I asked for help in the MV section of the forum. Since this is a little urgent for me, I decided to ask for a plugin - If there isn't one, can someone make one for me? Either for free, or depending on how much it would cost, I would be willing to pay for your services...
  11. DrBuni

    Paper Mario "flip" effect in RPG Maker

    Would it be possible to achieve this effect with events or relatively simple coding (simple enough that I could afford paying someone to code for me, is what I mean)? Here is the effect done in Construct 2: This flip effect is pretty much perfect for streamlining the process of animating...
  12. DrBuni

    Have battlers stay in specific locations / positions in different battles?

    Hi! I am making a side-scrolling RPG (think Lisa the Painful), but it features side view combat instead of front view combat, like in the aforementioned game. My desire is to have a very smooth exploration to combat transition, with the battleback looking exactly like the level / screen you are...
  13. DrBuni

    RMMV How do I replace battle command options (like attack, items, etc) with icons?

    Or at least, if I can't replace them, I am okay with having the icon followed by the command name, or vice-versa. Kinda like in this RPG Maker project (it is not mine, this is not self-promoting - my reddit name is u/drbuni): I assume it is done with plugins, yes? Thank you!
  14. DrBuni

    Is it possible to have actors of different sizes in battle?

    Like, one that is 64x64 and another that is 128x128, for example? Thank you!
  15. DrBuni

    RMMV Mog_BattleHud. Keeping the actor portraits aligned, no matter the odds.

    Hello. First, pardon the ugly battle UI you are about to see, I chose not to commit into making good art until I make sure everything works in my game's battle system. The problem today is that I can't figure out how to align the actor portraits, with less than four actors in the party. If I...
  16. DrBuni

    RMMV Battle Actors on the left side, facing the right side - Side view battles.

    Generally I accept the limitations of the RPG Maker engine. It is essentially trading of a lot of versatility that comes with more robust engines for being able to actually make my game. I already learned to draw and spent a lot of time practicing writing. To aim to be a competent programmer...
  17. DrBuni

    Struggling with aligning troops in a 1080p / 16:9 project

    Hi! I am well aware that RPG Maker isn't designed for this resolution, and it is only even possible thanks to plugins, so I guess I should have expected that I wouldn't be able to align troops in the database editor. Here is the problem, pictured: I am just wondering if there is any other way...

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