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  1. Text boxes become three characters high after an event.

    I have attached images for referance. I am just testing this event as is, I appear in this cave when I start the game. I press F9 to set my veriable switches to 3 for 0021: MCart. and the text for the auto run event then shows as three characters hight (usually they are fout high) this is seen...
  2. How do I have a character dual-wield particular weapons.

    Hi I have one character and one class in my game. The class can equip, axes, swords and claws. The claws all have dual-wield. If I equip a claw, I can then equip any other weapon, sword and axe included, as the second weapon. I only want dual-wield to be paired with other dual-wield weapons...
  3. [Ace] Checking multiple values from one in a variable.

    Hi I am trying to check for the values 2, 3 or 4 in Variable3. I am using a conditional branch for Variable3 and was attempting to use the script. I tried: $game_variables[3] = 2 || 3 || 4and $game_variables[3] = 2..4I thought it might be something like this, but not fully sure how it...
  4. [Ace] Check my Script, change item and message generate.

    Hi I should mention first that I don't really know RGSS, but I understand programming structure enough to know what it going on. The Script I used was, with bits of help from here and there, but mainly here I couldn't find anywhere that had...
  5. Generic Heroes: Ep 01

      Some of the people in the word of the Generic Heroes are starting to become aware and have more thoughts about their existence. They have been digging around and finding bits of information that does not quite make sense to them, some of this information contains the names of people and places...

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