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  1. cenit

    reapeat last attack and taget until next order

    how hard is to do something like this? is that and viable alternative?
  2. cenit

    reapeat last attack and taget until next order

    I'm out of luck I don't get how all those battle stuffs work yet.. needs some asistance I was wondering if something like this could work for my request
  3. cenit

    CP's Battle Engine

    its looks great! but most of my battle system need Yanfly classic ATB engine and I think is not complatible... ATB guage don't charch but I really want that window displays in the currently selected actor feature :c
  4. cenit

    reapeat last attack and taget until next order

    Hello I'm new here, and also new with rpg maker I have never work with scripts before...  so my skills are limited but with this awesome software and those greats community's scrips this works has become exciting and fun I'm working on a battle system I'm using classic ATB system and TP...

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