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  1. Music it's gone!

    I have no words xD ................ I uninstalled everything and you don't know how many hours I spent trying to fix this, it was just that, I had the volume at 0 in the game xD ...... ...
  2. Music it's gone!

    For some reason the music of my game has completely disappeared, without any particular change, I opened the game to try some things but lost all the sound that it had I have already re-installed the RPGmaker mv and it has not generated changes, the strange thing is that all the music has...
  3. Is it possible to export data?

    Do you know of any video, tutorial or something similar where they show how to do something like that? :(
  4. Is it possible to export data?

    Hello! I am currently creating a game for a project at my university that must export data such as: Number of battles won Number of battles lost Time and date of connection etc etc Basically I have to save this and much more information about each player's game and then take it to tables where...
  5. RMMV How can the character's status be changed in battle?

    Hi! I am creating an educational game for an assignment at my university but I have come across a big problem. How can I remove that black table that shows the life of my character? The game that I am developing has no life and when I impose the action to attack, that window appears that shows...

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I remade/fixed my Elf XP Mack Templates. The Ears are looking better now.
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You can check them out, they are in 12 recolours, both Human and Elf Versions!
College is hitting me a lil' softer than I expected, so I'm back on MV!
And to kick things off, here's a lil' test of a tileset edit I made today! (Took me, like, 5 hours, considering this was the first time I've EVER used GraphicsGale...)Edit test SUCCESS.PNG
I don't know when I'll have time to finish this, so I'll post this mostly complete version now. Another major character of my project, his name is Red (at least until I can think up a better R-name). In case he looks familiar, it's because his design (and personality) is based directly from my favorite anime character of all time (who is, unfortunately, fairly obscure).

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