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  1. Can someone help me figure out how to make temporary buffs?

    I am making a game right now, and I figured out that inns also revive party members instead of just healing (where did inns get magic beds) so I need to repurpose my church. My idea is to give a stat buff to the party to make towns with churches main grinding areas, but how do I make temporary...
  2. Corrected MIDI for RM2003!

    This just made my least favorite RTP track in 2003 one of my favorites. It just sounds so much better now.
  3. Need help with RTP.

    THANK YOU. I'll start searching for the japanese rtp and the don rtp.
  4. Need help with RTP.

    I decided to play some older RPG Maker games recently, and I need help with rtp. I installed the 2000 rtp from this site, but it still gives the error message "Please install RTPe.exe. Can someone please help?

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I remade/fixed my Elf XP Mack Templates. The Ears are looking better now.
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You can check them out, they are in 12 recolours, both Human and Elf Versions!
College is hitting me a lil' softer than I expected, so I'm back on MV!
And to kick things off, here's a lil' test of a tileset edit I made today! (Took me, like, 5 hours, considering this was the first time I've EVER used GraphicsGale...)Edit test SUCCESS.PNG
I don't know when I'll have time to finish this, so I'll post this mostly complete version now. Another major character of my project, his name is Red (at least until I can think up a better R-name). In case he looks familiar, it's because his design (and personality) is based directly from my favorite anime character of all time (who is, unfortunately, fairly obscure).

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