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  1. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Render Battleback on Map Scene

    I'm looking for a plugin that renders battlebacks in a layer above tiles and sprites, but below pictures and text boxes. Ideally I'd like it to work with a single plugin command that defaults to the current map's specified battleback.
  2. KaitlynKitty

    [MV] Pig nose and tail generator parts

    I'm looking for a pig nose and tail in MV RTP style for the character generator. I've looked on the forums and have not found. If you can only make one, the nose is more important. Thank you for you time. ^^
  3. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV [YEP Battle Engine Core] How do the alternate battlesystems behave if agility is less than 1?

    I wanted to have a system where certain equipment will lower this or that stat as a tradeoff. Particularly attack and agility. What I'm wondering is, since alternate battle systems often scale turn speed with agility, what happens if agility is no longer a positive number?
  4. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Upgrading skills with items

    In Genshin Impact, "talents" can be upgraded items. Each tier of talent upgrade requires a predefined amount of items, which increases with each tier. I was hoping that Yanfly's Skill Mastery Levels would have some kind of functionality that lets me do this, but unfortunately not. Ideally, I...
  5. KaitlynKitty

    Two fox tails generator part

    Resource Type: Generator part Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I'm looking for a generator part that's two fox tails. They should be noticeable in the walk sprite and the battler.
  6. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV [TerraxLighting] Temporarily increasing the radius of light around the player

    I'm trying to make a spell that increases the radius of light around the player to about 200 for a small duration of time. I read through the document a few times and found no mention of how to do this kind of thing. Does anyone know how to do it?
  7. KaitlynKitty

    [MV RTP] Clothing parts for People4

    People4 in the MV RTP have a very distinctive style of clothing. I'd like to be able to generate more characters using them, and use the clothes for CCEX as well. Has anyone made them into generator parts?
  8. KaitlynKitty

    [Generator Parts]Russian clothing and armor

    Resource Type: Generator parts Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: Generator parts for traditional Russian clothing and armor. In particular: Rubakha, Sarafan, Shuba, Kaftan, Kokoshnik, Gorlatnaya Yushman, Zertsalo, Shishak Reference Images: 1, 2
  9. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Colored damage popups based on the element used.

    I want the damage text in battle to be colored to reflect the element the damage was in. Some plugins do have functionality to change the color of the damage text, but non that I have found can change it based on the element. I have tried both Victor's and SRDude's.
  10. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV [Yanfly Item Core: Durability/Upgrade Slots]Remove upgrades on break instead of destroying.

    I want to make a system where if an item has been upgraded, durability reaching zero will remove the upgrade rather than destroying it completely. How easy would it be to implement such a system? Can it be done using Lunatic Mode, or will it require modifying the plugin code?
  11. KaitlynKitty

    How to make item upgrade systems engaging

    In implementing Yanfly's item upgrade system, I come to realize that reasons to choose one attribute upgrade over the other are pretty flat. Players are likely only going to pick two or three stats to upgrade and disregard the others. My first thought is to have skills that scale off of...
  12. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV How to implement a Final Fantasy II style keyword system

    In FFII, throughout the game you would learn certain keywords that can be used to unlock more options later down the line. Are there plugins to implement this kind of system?
  13. KaitlynKitty

    [MV, Character]Walk sprite and damage sprite for SF_Mechsuit found in Base Resources

    I would like the following assets based on the SF_Mechsuit, in order of priority. Ideally, it should feel at home in the steampunk tileset found in the MV Trinity Resource Pack, though I understand if that is not doable. Animated Sideview Battler It should have animated attacks for using the...
  14. KaitlynKitty

    [MV Weapon Sheets]Looking for a pixel style weapon sheet.

    I'm making a game using Mighty Palm's Mighty Pack. I'd want a weapon sheet to match. Sword Dagger Axe Bow Spear Wooden Staff Wooden Club Claws
  15. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV [Yanfly Item Upgrade Slots] How do I make a stat increasing item that does not increase boost count?

    I want to have an item that increases the number of upgrade slots an item has. The issue is that if the item is already fully upgraded, the aforementioned upgrade cannot be applied. How do I make the item not need free slots? I would also like this item to be the sole item that increases boost...
  16. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Is there a way to turn off the blur and darken effect in battle when not using a battleback?

    I wanted to experiment with making maps that look good in the background of battles. The issue is that when I load into a battle, the maps are obscured by darkening and blurring. Is there a way to make this not happen?
  17. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Making combat not pause during the player's turn with Yanfly's ATB.

    I want the enemies and Auto Battle allies to continue fighting while the player is taking their turn. Can Yanfly's ATB or some other ATB system do this?
  18. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV Battles not ending properly with Arleq1n's Tactics System.

    When all the enemies are killed, it gives the victory music but hangs on a black screen.
  19. KaitlynKitty

    RMMV States changing the resting position of characters with Yanfly's action sequencing.

    I have two states in my current design that warrant changing a character's position. The first is Advancing, which should put the character right in front of their enemy. The second is Flanking, which should put the character behind their enemies. Is there way to do this?
  20. KaitlynKitty

    Hiddenone's Resources are missing their icons when imported to Extended Character Generator

    I want to use Extended Generator, but when I import custom sets, such as Hiddenone's Resources, it does not import the icons. DLC generator parts do not have this issue.

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