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  1. Nol

    Out of combat talents (lockpick, jump, search...)

    Tl : dr in Bold I'm trying to implement 6 talents (named such a way to avoid confusion with skills) in my game. Said talents should use a user defined base value (chosen at start) and a modifier derived from their stats. I got a way "working" and completely home made, using 3 variables for each...
  2. Nol

    Limiting Instant skills to 1/rd (YF)

    As the titles suggest, i'm using YF's Instant skills, and to avoid spamming, i'm also giving them cooldowns. A munhckin got his hands on my demo, and stacked instant buff skills, amplifying his damage in a way i hadnt anticipated. Is there a way to limit the amount of instant actions in a...
  3. Nol

    Adding a line in Yanfly Damage_Core formula

    I'm trying to add a check for three separate states (that cannot be used together) : Power tactics : Reduces the hit and adds damage Precision tactics : Increases hit and reduces damage Speed tactics : Reduces Eva but increase every skill's SPD Modifying Hit is easy (traits), but...
  4. Nol

    Triple linear condition Formula check

    I'm using a skill to add different states depending on the actors level ; it'll be a very recuring type of skill, so i'll need to master the syntax. I looked up some Ruby tutorials, and came up (100% self made, beware) with this : if (a.level < 4) { a.addState(74); } else if (a.level < 7...
  5. Nol

    Recover Mp = Variable (x) + item bonus to var (y)

    I'd like to limit Mp regen in my world, by making it so that Mages only regenerate when sleeping, and 10% of their Mmp + (bonus from a stat) + (bonus from items) I envision creating a variable : Var 1 = Bonus from stat of Actor 1 Var 2 = Bonus from equipement of actor 1 Var 3 = Var 1...
  6. Nol

    Restricting a skill to a specific map

    I'm looking for a way to have a skill show up only on one map, tried playing with a conditional map iD event... but well now i'm here ^^ It's a teleport to safe place Skill, but it should only be accessible on a specific map, but "Map Id =" is not available in the conditional branch Ooooh...
  7. Nol

    Checking for evaded hit on the previous turn

    Is there a way to have a conditional branch is a skill checking for whether or not the user has dodged an attack on the previous round. For simplicity's sake, anything "physical hit" can be considered an attack. Thanks !
  8. Nol

    Adding somethin between action selection and it's execution

    Hello to you reader ! After a discussion with Shaz and by discussion i mean him throwing the rocks of truths at me, (in a nice and caring way though), i discovered that it is impossible to add a "menu" or shennanigan between the selection of a combat action (in this case and hereafter...
  9. Nol

    Using variable in a formula

    I'm trying to build a system in which a spell's effect depends on variables : User A selects a spell, a window pops up and asks if he wants to overcharge the spell (Ie : pay more to get a better effect/damage) Depending on his answer Variable Overcharge is set to say +2 I'd like a way...
  10. Nol

    Hit Vs MEV for magical accuracy

    Basically i'm looking for a variant of what Victor Sant did for his accuracy plugin, which set's up an individual formula in a skill's notebox (thus allowing me to tailor the skills) And then use that formula in lieu of Hit/Eva. You can still use hit and EVA in the formula, but EVA won't...
  11. Nol

    Animated Sv battlers positionning

    Whie many ask questions about this, i cant seem to find my particular problem. So either i fudged something, or it fairly simple, or insanely niche. Here is what i have when i combine YF's Sv battler : Before i start touching around X's and Y's, i'd like to cross off the possibility...
  12. Nol

    +x% Hit on level up

    TL:DR : I want a way, any way, to add a hit increase per level to a class. Formula should be customisable as to give différent classes varying bonuses. I've actually been trying really hard alon on this one, here is what i tried ; Using Hime's on level custom event plugin Failed ...
  13. Nol

    Screen resolution in combat

    Hey ! I've tackled a solo project about three weeks back, life was good, i had fun mapping, designing monsters and imagining classes and epic lootz. Then i gave my démo to someone, and asked them to break the game. Oh boy. I now have a wall of post its, each with a problem needing to be...
  14. Nol

    Yanfly weapon Unleash for no Mp cost ?

    Yanfly (who now has a place in my pantheon) made my crits much more fun with Wepons unleash plugin, enabling my unique weapons to mimic spells. I wanted to use them to spice up a warrior's auto attack, but the problem is, the skills used drain MP, a ressource said warrior doesnt have much...

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