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  1. SwiftSign

    Composite/Layered Face Images

    o/ Hello! I'm looking for a way to generate custom face images in-game, by adding extra features as overlays to the original face image by script/plugin control (rather than in a custom-sprite editor, like SumRndm's charactor creator plugins). However, as far as I'm aware, this isn't something...
  2. SwiftSign

    Conditional for multiple variables

    Hello! Not used to using XP nor its scripting language, how would I make it so I could check two variable conditions at once? I tried: $game_variables[1] = 2 && $game_variables[2] = 5 But I imagine I'm still some way off!...
  3. SwiftSign

    Hide Actor Stats

    Basically, a plugin that is able to remove the core stats or parameters (Atk, Def, Mat, etc.) from the Status and Equipment menus (and shop? may be linked) menus for games that don't use any or all of these values. This can partially be done by advanced status plugins, however there are no...
  4. SwiftSign

    Clashing Graphics - what would be the best option?...

    Hello o/ I've been making a game at a very slow pace, I chose the Time Fantasy tiles, I made some maps I just love and started eventing. Everything so far looks great! But oh no. Battling. The creator is making SV battlers, but I'm not sure if they'll be released and I'd rather not be reliant...
  5. SwiftSign

    Changing Line Height in Messages

    Hi all o/, I've been trying out new fonts, and different fonts look better with more/less spacing between the lines, right. So I've been altering "lineHeight" (both via Yanfly's Core and directly) but it only alters the line height on the title page and menus - not in the actual messages where...
  6. SwiftSign

    Changing map Troops

    Any suggestions on how to change which troops are active on a map (using random encounters)? i.e. Troops 1, 2 and 3 are first active, but after [switch/variables/story progress] Troop 4&5 are also added. I was surprised to find no eventing / variables / switch method after searching. Can't even...
  7. SwiftSign

    Show skill only with (x) weapon type

    I've tried searching and the only advice I could find didn't seem to work. I'm using Yanfly's Skill Core, and trying to make it so skills only show when a certain weapon type is equipped. The closest I have is: <Custom Show Eval> if (a.isWtypeEquipped(2)) { value = true; } else { value =...
  8. SwiftSign

    Skill Extender add-on/tweak

    I've started using sumrndmdde's skill extender system, but I've found the display of the skills somewhat annoying - the window stretches depending on the skills (endlessly, if you have too many). I was wondering if someone with the know-how could make an addon to make the height (and perhaps...
  9. SwiftSign

    Target's attack to a variable

    I'm trying to log an enemy's attack value to Variable #0001 in order to compare it to the average Party member attack to give an indication of the monster's strength. However, I'm having issues with the script to pick up on the target's attack rather than just enemy #1, #2, #3 etc. which can be...
  10. SwiftSign

    Adding a custom state effect (Yanfly Skill Core)

    I currently have a state that, when active, unlocks several moves. However, I'd prefer to add some conditions to this state so that it checks the player level before unlocking moves (so they can gradually be added as the character levels). Can someone help me get this wording right? :c I tried...
  11. SwiftSign

    Changing the size (thickness) of Yanfly's Limit Gauge/HP Bar

    Hohoho me again. How does one change the thickness/height of the limit gauge bars in Yanfly's plug in? I've been through it several times and scoured his website+thread here+google and yet I can't see anything - yet everyone else seems to manage it? :c Look how tiny my bar is! XD I noticed...
  12. SwiftSign

    Actors with states take one turn to change...?

    I'm making a "Play Dead" skill as a guard replacement for one of my characters and the condition on that is that they at least look dead during it! However, they only fall down during the second turn and not as soon as the skill is used. I've tried with different [SV] Motion options and they...
  13. SwiftSign

    Check whether in/out of battle.

    Hello again! >< Was looking to see if there's a battle check that can be used to make a common event I have for a move behave differently in/out of battle, to avoid any mess ups. Any advice?
  14. SwiftSign

    Calling a custom battle log message via common event?

    I've evented out a skill levelling system, but the normal message box is crazy intrusive in the middle of a fight. How might I place my message in the battle log. Or perhaps, emulate the battle log msg style at least ><.

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