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  1. Moon_Haven

    Background music (constant play or short songs?)

    Hello! I'm at the stage of selecting background music for my demo. Every map will have it's own song. As a player, I usually turn off the music in most games (or lower the volume very low) as I find it distracting or downright annoying (eg: unending death metal riffs in Doom Eternal). Feeling...
  2. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Top textbox in YEP_ItemCore

    Hello! Would anyone happen to know where I can find the code for the top textbox, highlighted in magenta, is? I want to modify the GUI to move the textbox to the bottom right of the screen, but can't seem to find where the code is for that one box. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Moon_Haven

    A good website for RPG audio packs (sounds, ambience, music)?

    Hello! Any suggestions on website(s) with affordable audio packs for a medieval fantasy game? I'm looking for sounds (door creaking, potion drinking, glass breaking, etc.), ambience (wind in the trees, waterfalls, etc.) and possibly music (map explore, dungeons, battles, etc.) Cheers!
  4. Moon_Haven

    NPC - Better to code in common events or in the event itself?

    Hello! I'm at the stage where I need to code my NPC, and decided to start with my merchants (apothecary, blacksmith, innkeeper, etc). I'd like some input, so that I code things right from the get-go: is it better to put all the merchant code in a common event, or in the event itself with...
  5. Moon_Haven

    Anyone know where I could find some creepy long chibi fingers?

    Hello! I'm trying to recreate this monster with the chibi generator. I think I got it, for the most part. Only thing missing would be the long fingers. Anyone know where I could potentially find those? Here's what I got so far, I think the long fingers would be enough as a final touch
  6. Moon_Haven

    (RMMV) Good source for battlebacks?

    I'm looking for additional battlebacks, paid or not. I'm having a hard time finding anything of quality. Anyone happen to have a few links? Bought this one, which is what I'm kinda aiming for: generic, cutesy, uncluttered
  7. Moon_Haven

    (SOLVED) Closing chest animation choppy

    Hello! Trying to do the chest opening animation in reverse. There's something strange happening that I cannot figure out. If I understand correctly: Opening is like this So closing should be like this... It works, but there's a slight moment, right before the closing animation starts in...
  8. Moon_Haven

    Had to buy new laptop. Where do I re-download the stuff that I bought?

    Title pretty much says it all. The website completely changed in the last days, and I cannot find where to download my purchases.
  9. Moon_Haven

    [FOUND] Does anyone have a face picture for the skull head from Hiddenone?

    Edit: nevermind, found it! Looking for the skull head accessory to go on the face... has anyone seen one by any chance?
  10. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Issue with Action Speed using Yanfly AI Core

    Hello! I'm stumped and out of ideas. Wondering if anyone encountered this behavior before... I'm using Yanfly AI Core to control battlers. I've set the action speed this way, so to simulate battle phases: * Guarding (+2000) * Healing Skills (+1500) * Buff / Debuff (+1000) * Attack skills...
  11. Moon_Haven

    Can't find those horns anymore :(

    I know this is going to be a long shot... I had downloaded some cute little horns but for the life of me, I cannot find where I've put them! Anyone would happen to know where to find them? I've attached a picture of someone else using them...
  12. Moon_Haven

    [RMMV] Drawing armor on top of actor

    Hi all. I want the battlers to change sprite when I either change helmet, armor or shield. I have 12 helmets, 12 armors and 8 shields. If my math is correct, 12 x 12 x 8 = 1152 sprites that I have to draw for ONE character. That's doable but a massive waste of time... I was thinking of...
  13. Moon_Haven

    [RMMV] Remove weapons/armor and then re-equip

    Edit: I should mention that I'm using Yanfly item core... What I want to do: 1- Remove equipment from an actor, place in inventory 2- Swap an actor 3- Put the removed equipment onto the actor I'm starting with saving what the actor is wearing into game variables: for (var slotId = 0; slotId...
  14. Moon_Haven

    RMMV Moon Haven - Battle Prototype

    Hello all! 2020-08-25: I am releasing next prototype iteration, v0.03. This release comes with a plethora of changes, which are listed in the Change Log below. In a nutshell: Addressed most of the concerns discussed so far regarding the difficulty, Fixed bugs, including no longer losing all...
  15. Moon_Haven

    [SOLVED] Where do we remove the enemy name suffix like "A" and "B"?

    Hello! I'd like to only have the name of the Enemy, without prefix and suffix. I've now disabled prefix (Lv1) in Yanfly Enemy plugin... but where do I remove the suffix "A", "B", "C" when there are more than 1 same enemy in troop?
  16. Moon_Haven

    [SOLVED] Showing all message choices

    Hi all. This one is driving me nuts, can't figure what plugin to modify... I'm using Yanfly message core. When positioning my message box at the top of the screen, all 6 message choices do show up. But when I position the message box in the middle, only 4 options show up. What I want to do...
  17. Moon_Haven

    Remove all previous skills known when changing class

    Hi there! Right now, when I do a class change, the actor seem to keep access to skills of previous class. I do not wan that. Instead, I want them to forget the skills they had. In my game, mages can follow ONE of the five magic schools (for simplicity's sake, let's say fire, water, earth...
  18. Moon_Haven

    [SOLVED] Yanfly - Visual HP Gauge not moving lower than certain threshold in screen?

    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone else encountered this bug before and if so, how was it fixed? The HP bar will follow the battlers on the screen but for some reason, the bars will not go any lower than a certain line (depicted here below in pink). If the battler is below that line, the bar will...
  19. Moon_Haven

    What's the correct antonym for the word "ailments"?

    English is my second language, so I'm struggling a bit with this one. Debuff = Ailments Buff = ??
  20. Moon_Haven

    [RMMV] How to flip (mirror) SV Battlers Left/Right with Yanfly Plugins

    [EDIT: This seems to be working, so I've changed the title from "need help" to "how to". I kept the rest of my post intact so future dwellers can learn about the process and have the code] Hello. I need help. So far, I've been able to reposition actors to the left of the screen, and the...

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