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  1. dinkledaberry

    Hide/Show parameters in menus for MV?

    Hello! I was looking for a way to hide a couple parameters so they don't show up in status, equip, etc menus. Does anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this? I know in VX Ace and VX it was as easy as editing the base and custom scripts which was easy enough. However, I can't seem to find...
  2. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    Played a few games. Here we go: There's Beauty in the Bleeding: A promising art style and story marred by an unneeded battle system and strange dialogue choices. The game is about a mother making a deal with a mysterious entity to save her daughter. Not a common setting but I have to say...
  3. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    @thejesse081: Thanks for the feedback and recommendation! I appreciate the kind words! I had hoped color-coding the shop would alleviate most of the memorization but alas...  Yeah, I should probably include an option at the beginning for that. I just assumed everyone would want Full Screen...
  4. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    A couple quick ones before I go to work: Dungeon Bachelor: I almost swear this is a joke game like Credits. This game is like Pokemon...but with chicks. You pick a team of girls at the beginning, walk around winning battles and then...
  5. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Jayce and Stacy RUIN the IGMC for EVERYONE!

    Here's my thoughts for this game from another topic. A lot of it is what everyone else has already said, but this game was a nice break from the other contest entries I've been playing! Looking forward to seeing how the game starring these characters turns out. :) Joyce and Stacy Ruin the IGMC...
  6. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    Played a couple more games. When it comes to my recommendations you should really take them with a grain of salt. I'm hard to please for the most part: Everything is going to be OK: The music and graphics are great. Lends the game it's...
  7. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    I know the feeling about being pressed for time. I cut it close near the end myself. Good to hear you're thinking positive too. There's a lot of potential in your game I think so keep working on it! I think having the tarot drawing being more reflective of the player's skill would go a long way...
  8. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    I played two more games, Pandora's Box and Homeless, that I found interesting when I first saw them. Here are my thoughts: Pandora's Box: Good atmosphere and initial mystery that is soured later by a terrible battle system and average...
  9. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC] Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

    Shoot. Sorry about that! I didn't even think about tablet users. That was bad of me! You should be able to hold alt and press enter to exit full screen (at least that worked for me in testing). If not let me know and I'll put up a download for you without the full screen. :)
  10. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    Hey Indrah! If you get around to playing Half-Off Hero at any point I uploaded a new version. There was a rather nasty bug in the original build some players were experiencing that should be fixed with the newer download.
  11. dinkledaberry


    Figured I'd post my thoughts on this game from another thread, because Rootbound is awesome. I really enjoyed this game! Took some getting used to since I also used the music pack from RPG Maker DS but this game had a lot of charm. The story was lighthearted and the characters were pretty...
  12. dinkledaberry

    Unofficial IGMC 2015 Topic!

    Oh hey, there is a place to talk about IGMC here. Sweet. Here's my entry! I worked with the artist that did my title screen from last year. Came out looking really good. Girl was on fire with putting out work. Is that what that was? Lol. He was the only comment I had on my gamepage so I was...
  13. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC 2015] Recommended games list

    Well I suppose we should get the self-promotion out of the way huh? Still working on getting my gamepage up in the forums and around the internet but here's my submission: Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings I'm downloading other games to try right now to see what's good but right now I...
  14. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC] Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

      In foregone ruins there stirs an ancient evil. Sealed long ago, by those now referred to as legend, to prevent future pain and suffering by its hand. Years passed. Then decades. Centuries. Millenia. For ages this dark force plotted and watched and waited for the perfect moment to return. For...
  15. dinkledaberry

    Check a Picture's Pixel Position w/Conditional Branch?

    I was afraid of that. I figured I'd have to use a script call since I'll probably need to use a variable depending on the distances I randomly stop the picture at. No problem there. But the math... I've always been bad at real-life applications. I just hope I can get the math right to keep this...
  16. dinkledaberry

    The Amber Throne (Concept Art Added)

    What the crap?! When did this game come out? Well I know what I'll be playing after the IGMC. Congrats on finishing development! Hope this game gets more attention.
  17. dinkledaberry

    Check a Picture's Pixel Position w/Conditional Branch?

    Thanks for the link! Not exactly what I was looking for but reviewing this info reminded me that you can set a variable to an event's screen x and y pixel positions. Which should be useful for what I'm doing so I appreciate the help! Seems to work perfect actually! Thanks! Although I have a...
  18. dinkledaberry

    Check a Picture's Pixel Position w/Conditional Branch?

    Is there an easy way to use a conditional branch to check a picture's position using a script call?  Like "if[index] = 216, 312 then blah blah blah happens" or something like that to check a picture's current position?  I was working on an overworld map system and this seems...
  19. dinkledaberry

    Humble Game Making Bundle

    12 dollars for all this stuff was a steal. What is wrong with you people? Don't you want to make money? 
  20. dinkledaberry

    Mid-week Madness!

    Oh dangit. And here I just bought the audiostock music pack yesterday at full price out of curiosity. Should have known there'd be a price drop before the IGMC begins. That'll learn me. These are all great deals though! Looks like Skyborn is one of the giveaways too. That game needs more love.

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