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  1. WickedWolfy

    [Suggestion] "Eraser" button on the MZ toolbar

    Description of the Feature: Add "Eraser" button to the toolbar to erase tile content on a layer as "not-passable" tile If a layer is selected (not auto), only erase that layer. If a layer is "auto", erase all layers. (optional) Second eraser button is for "passable" tile variant, same as above...
  2. WickedWolfy

    On Clarity or Rules and following them.

    Before I begin - I am in no way, shape or form suggesting that moderators are "bad" or otherwise at fault of doing something they should not be. In my opinion, they are doing a splendid job and should be commended! My issue, however, is with the rules. Not even as much with "the rules", but...
  3. WickedWolfy

    Detecting "end of conversation"

    This is a bit strange to explain, so please bare with me. I am trying to detect "end of conversation". I have tried using "Window_Message.prototype.terminateMessage" but that is an end for each single termination of "Text" use. I would like to detect all "Text" in sequence to have ran/expired...
  4. WickedWolfy

    "Mirror Portraits" in Coversation plugin (WW|Converse)

    TLDR: Can display "talking heads" portraits on the right side of the box Can miror-flip portraits to face the other way Simple and small plugin that should require less work than cutting direction-facing images YANFLY MesageCore compatible Long Read: Dear Maker-colleagues, My sincere...
  5. WickedWolfy

    Understanding Windows and Scenes process

    Dear Colleagues, I've spent the past four days traversing the Scenes and Windows js files in MV maker and I have to say that I thought I understood the works better before I started reading... I am not sure I grasp even the basics by now. I apologize in advance, if this topic was asked... I am...
  6. WickedWolfy

    ImageManager: Load vs Reserve vs Request

    Greetings, colleagues, Could someone take a moment and explain to me the difference between the three different operations of ImageManager please? I have walked through the functions and have a basic understanding of the functionality, but use-cases escape me. Just to make it more specific, I...

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