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  1. RMMV Trying to get DebugSpeedUp and Yanfly's Visual HP bars to work together.

    I'm trying to get these two plugins to work together, but having no luck. One is Visual HP Gauges by Yanfly. It makes it so enemies have HP gauges over them in battle. The other is SRdude's Debug speed up, which lets you change the speed of the game with key presses and is really useful for...
  2. RMMV What parts of code do I need to make this plugin work?

    Hi. I'm trying to use two plugins together. One adds a gallery type of thing to the main menu, and the other is a Title Menu manager. ^^^ That's the one for the gallery...
  3. How to stop enemies following into cutscenes?

    So, I have my enemies on map. I use Yanfly's Event Chase plugin to have the enemies follow the player if they spot them and then start combat if they touch. One issue I have is that enemies can just keep following players all the way into a cutscene, which is really weird. I did try and use...
  4. RMMV How can I add an updatable objective section to my pause menu?

    Was hoping someone could point me in the right direction here. I'm trying to add a simple objective section to my pause menu. I've added a mockup below. I want to have it so the objective description changes based on a variable. Is this possible somehow? Thanks!
  5. RMMV What is the script call for hiding or showing an event choice option?

    I feel dumb. I know I've used this before but can't find where I used it and can't find what the script call is through google. But it lets you hide a choice option. Can someone please tell me? I'd rather not use another plugin for this. Thanks!
  6. Any way to bind keyboard keys to gamepad buttons?

    I use a speedup script. On the keyboard it uses "L" to cycle through different speeds. Is there a way to assign "L" to a button on gamepads so gamepad users have access to the speed toggle as well? Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to run a series of event commands on loop until a player presses a button.

    I'm making an adult game that involves sex scenes. I'm doing them with show pictures at the moment and I sort of fade between two or three frames of an animated sequence of pictures. If possible, I'd like the image sequence to just keep playing until the player presses a button or chooses to...
  8. RMMV How do I make this common event switch work?

    I feel like the answer to this is staring me in the face, but I just can't figure it out. I'm using Yanfly's Options Core and Extended Message Pack 1, but this isn't really about plugins. The message pack lets you turn on letter sounds that play as text is typed out. I've used the options...
  9. How can I reset move routes for events?

    Hi everyone! I've got these stealth segments in a game I'm working on. Enemies move around on routes and if they player walks into their line of sight and is within a set range, the enemies run forward and basically say "You're caught". I then transport the player back to the starting area of...
  10. How good is something like RPG Maker MV for a big sprawling project?

    First off, a quick disclaimer, I make comedy hentai games. I don't think this should matter for my question though. How good is something like RPG Maker MV for a big sprawling project? I've released one game on Steam so far. It goes for about 30 mins and has is basically all cutscenes with...

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