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  1. FREE Writer looking for game maker!

    Hey all thanks for checking out my post. I've been working on this story for quite some time now. What my writing really needs now is a dedicated game designer who can tell my story through their art and vision. I would be working closely with whoever is willing to take on this task. All I...
  2. FREE The Scrolls of Sacredia - Help wanted!

    @Gallia - Hey! Once my game is at a testing stage you will be the first to receive a download link. The graphics used in Scrolls of Sacredia will be the default RTP so if you can create pixel pieces that have resemblance that would be perfect. Let me know, thanks!
  3. RMMV The Scrolls of Sacredia - Feedback Thread

    THE SCROLLS OF SACREDIA (much cooler looking title coming soon) The Engine - RPG Maker MV The Synopsis - The player takes on the role of a young Paladin named Sol Angelwind in a Fantasy Adventure RPG that features puzzles, bosses, hidden treasures and endless lore. Sol's father, Leo...
  4. FREE The Scrolls of Sacredia - Help wanted!

    For those of you who are interested, I am now actually putting idea to pixel - the creation of the game itself is underway and I should have a trial in the near future to test the waters. Still very interested in anyone who's into pixel creation!
  5. Does world building add to your engagement of a minimal character driven plot?

    Very interesting! I'm new to the RPG Maker world but I can tell you what I've found more engaging. The actual lore of my new project is addicting for me. Creating just tickles a certain part of my brain and once I'm in it's like a rabbit hole. If I were in your shoes I would immerse myself in...
  6. FREE The Scrolls of Sacredia - Help wanted!

    Thanks for getting back to me Archeia, I appreciate it. I did as you asked and added a few lines towards the top of the post specifying what I really need.
  7. RMVXA Destiny of a Wizard 2 Beta Test

    As soon as I find some down time from my own project (The Scrolls of Seven) I'll give her a go. Actual beta testing will be better for me to give much more helpful information to you. Have you considered changing your signature? Perhaps a nicely sized piece of art that advertises Destiny of a...
  8. RMVXA Destiny of a Wizard 2 Beta Test

    For the content presented and without actually playing the beta yet, I must say you've done a wonderful job presenting your ideas and lore. I'm not a professional by any means but if I may, when telling a story it is my belief you should stay in a tense and maintain consistency. When a person is...
  9. Boo! Mind if I take a look? Edit - I took a look and commented!

    Boo! Mind if I take a look? Edit - I took a look and commented!
  10. FREE The Scrolls of Sacredia - Help wanted!

    Project Name - The Scrolls of Sacredia The Engine - RPG Maker MV HELP WANTED! This project is specifically looking for pixel artists - please feel free to send me a message on this forum. If you have an understanding of the story that has been presented so far, don't hesitate to message about...
  11. What is your favorite anime?

    I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of Anime but in the past I found myself especially interested in: 1. Full Metal Alchemist 2. Dragon Ball (all of em) 3. Naruto
  12. What is your favorite anime?

    I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of Anime but in the past I found myself especially interested in: 1. Full Metal Alchemist 2. Dragon Ball (all of em) 3. Naruto
  13. what are you going to do on halloween?

    I'm going to be working on my MV Project! ...while anxiously waiting for the new Walking Dead episode on Sunday. ;)
  14. The Walking Dead!

    I'm stoked for tomorrow night. Of course it seems to be a filler episode that touches base with what happened to Morgan!
  15. The Walking Dead!

    Oh yeah you're absolutely right! I forgot - and I call myself a fan! lol
  16. Dream Phase

    Good deal! No worries though, you take your time :D
  17. Dream Phase

    Iliketea - my friend! Here's a link to an interesting skull that I had in mind. The general shape is about right, the color and everything. Except the excessive stuff like the rectangular shape near...
  18. Dream Phase

    Yes! That would be absolutely awesome lol I dont have any means to transfer my art to the screen. Otherwise I would. I would love that.
  19. Dream Phase

    Excellent feedback Iliketea. I appreciate it, I do! I will make said changes the 2nd time around.  I've made the update on the original post that I'm trying to get this started and rolling heavy on MV. Seems exciting enough! Since VX Ace has been around for a bit now and MV as well as my...
  20. Dream Phase

    This is all very good to read, thank you for all this material to work off of. I appreciate your time and efforts. I'll make said adjustments with some spins on it of my own! :D EDIT: I will be moving my project over to RPG Maker MV! I will be editing the original post.

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