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  1. unknownnumber

    Armor which reduces MP cost to 1?

    This is probably an easy question. How can you make an armor which decreases the MP cost of all spells to 1? If I do a trait with "Sp-Parameter - MP Cost Rate *1%" I'm getting close but I can't think of any other way. I'm also using a lot of YEP plugins if there's a way to accomplish that by...
  2. unknownnumber

    Can you deactivate controller support?

    I'm trying to use my old PS2 controller via USB to play my MV games. Also I'm using xPadder to assign keys to my controller buttons (so the "X" button on my controller functions as "ENTER"). All of that works but it seems like MV is automatically picking up my controller and is assigning keys...
  3. unknownnumber

    Can you limit the "Substitute" ability to 1?

    In the screenshot you can see a shield with the "Substitute" trait. It works as intended. But whenever an enemy hits the whole group with an AOE attack, the user actually protects the whole group from death instead of just a single group member. Can you limit that protection to a single party...
  4. unknownnumber

    How to make 1HP skill bypass defence action

    In the picture you can see an enemy skill which is supposed to reduce all actors HP to 1. My only problem is that if a group member uses "Defend" in his turn he will also reduce the "damage" that my skill does. So instead of his HP getting reduced to 1 he has a few hundred left. Is there a way...
  5. unknownnumber

    Can you check which files are being used?

    I used the pictures folder of my game as a WIP-folder for all my graphics I'm using in my project. Now I can't remember which files I ACTUALLY use in my project. It's hard to check manually since I got over 500 maps. Is there a way to check which files are being used by my project? Maybe with...
  6. unknownnumber

    Move route for player party?

    I have 2 NPCs following the player. Is it possible to set move routes for those?
  7. unknownnumber

    Who made these?

    I think they are from the RP2K era, but I don't know who made these: and: Thanks in advance.
  8. unknownnumber

    Music like in the old days

    Does anyone know where to find music which you can use for commercial games in the style of the old RM2K style? is a pretty big site for .midis from all the classic NES and SNES games but you can't use them for commercial games. I'm looking for .mp3, .ogg files which sound like...
  9. unknownnumber

    Creating your game in multiple languages

    I'm native german so I develop my game in german language. To reach more people I also want to do an english translation. Is it possible to extract all text from the game and extract it to other filetypes? Or is the only option to go to every map and every event and translate it in there...
  10. unknownnumber

    Looking for a sparkling star

    Resource Type: Charset Maker Format: Any Art Style: RTP / Mack / something similar Description: I have a nightsky parallax in the background with a lot of stars, I want one of them to sparkle Reference Images: The reference quotes a message, where someone made a nightsky with sparkling stars...
  11. unknownnumber

    Jungle Tileset - question about transparent water

    I was looking for a good jungle tileset and since this looks really beautiful, I bought it, but I have 1 question: (I hope it is ok to post part of the tileset obliterated) First this tile, usage is self explanatory: But this exists without the water as well: May I ask @Celianna , what...
  12. unknownnumber

    Character animation in XP / MV

    I already posted that thread in the XP forum, but since it is also about MV I post it here as well (and I don't know if that many people look in XP forum). I'm trying to convert XP chars to MV. I can resize them and after some editing they look really good in MV. A XP character file has a 4x4...
  13. unknownnumber

    Make an autotile with star passability?

    Is it possible to somehow assign the star to autotiles, so the player can walk behind the upper part of the roof? Like here: (It's from 2000, but I need it for MV) If it's not possible, is there a better way to accomplish that instead of moving that 1 tile that the player is allowed to walk...
  14. unknownnumber

    XP character animation?

    I'm trying to convert XP chars to MV. I can resize them and after some editing they look really good in MV. A XP character file has a 4x4 grid, like this one. First row, from left to right: standing, right step, standing, left step. How does the RPG Maker create the animation when just going...
  15. unknownnumber

    Do regions slow down the game?

    I know that if there are many moving events on a single map, it can cause the game to slow down. What about regions? Will a 165x125 map where 50% of the tiles are assigned to a region cause the game to slown down in any way?
  16. unknownnumber

    Sideways sunshine

    I'm looking for a sunshine effect that comes from the side. Like the sunshine coming through the window in this picture, just... you know, sideways. :) I've googled for quite a bit but could only find sunshine that comes from the front. Thanks in advance.
  17. unknownnumber

    Changing players (events) visibility while moving

    I want to create a smooth transition when entering a building. As soon as the players clicks the door, it opens and the players makes 1 step up into the building. I want the player to slowly "fade out" (become less visible) while moving this 1 step up. But when I try to decrease the visibility...
  18. unknownnumber

    Reducing parallel events / Self switches / Erase event question

    In order to keep things clean I want to use as little events and as little plugins as possible. So I erase all events that I use to start things like weather, showing pictures, etc. with the "Erase Event" command. When I leave the map (and stopping everything the event has caused) and come...
  19. unknownnumber

    Placing a picture on an event and fixating it there

    I want to place a torch in a dungeon and place a lighteffect around it by allocating a picture to the event. Here is the eventpage (sorry for german): First 2 lines: Creating 2 variables, giving them the X and Y coordinate of the event (torch). 3rd line: Placing a picture at its coordinates...
  20. unknownnumber

    LF dungeon tileset (MV/Ace) that fit a specific style

    Update 28th october 2017: I am still looking for more tilesets: Hello everyone, I can't seem to find dungeon tileset that fit the style from Inquisitors tilesets made for XP (originally posted by Inquisitor here). Here are some screenshots: Here, here, here and here. Sadly Inquisitor hasn't...

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