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  1. J2415

    RMMV Storing Event X Y coordinates in an array?

    I am making a simple ABS for fun. The projectile event ID is 1 whereas the enemies ID could be 2, 3, 4, etc. Instead of creating a bunch of or statements for collision detection could you do a: If EventX(1) = array[eventids] then do this action?
  2. J2415

    RMMV Cecilia Numerical Pad

    Hello, I am trying to use plugin to use the number pad but I am running into some issues. Not sure how to get around this one.
  3. J2415

    RMMV Bible Quest: Prosperity (Christian Game)

    Synopsis: This is something I wanted to make for a while in regard to Prosperity Theology. What is Prosperity Theology? Some Televangelist will promise, for a sum of money given to them, in return, God will provide either financial wealth and/or physical well-being. These tactics typically...
  4. J2415

    RMMV Christian Edutainment Battle System

    Hello, I'm in the process of recreating my battle system for Bible Quest. I've gone back to the drawing board and started to rewrite the game. My end goal is to create a Christian Edutainment game but I've been going back and forth on the battle system. At the moment, if "Fear" pops up...

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