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  1. FREE Writer looking for game maker!

    Hey all thanks for checking out my post. I've been working on this story for quite some time now. What my writing really needs now is a dedicated game designer who can tell my story through their art and vision. I would be working closely with whoever is willing to take on this task. All I...
  2. RMMV The Scrolls of Sacredia - Feedback Thread

    THE SCROLLS OF SACREDIA (much cooler looking title coming soon) The Engine - RPG Maker MV The Synopsis - The player takes on the role of a young Paladin named Sol Angelwind in a Fantasy Adventure RPG that features puzzles, bosses, hidden treasures and endless lore. Sol's father, Leo...
  3. FREE The Scrolls of Sacredia - Help wanted!

    Project Name - The Scrolls of Sacredia The Engine - RPG Maker MV HELP WANTED! This project is specifically looking for pixel artists - please feel free to send me a message on this forum. If you have an understanding of the story that has been presented so far, don't hesitate to message about...
  4. Dream Phase

    "Will you accept the Paladin Oath and save the world of Sekai? Or will everything you know and love plummet into darkness?"   An RPGMaker VX Ace MV Project by Garsto   IMPORTANT UPDATE - PROJECT TRANSFERRED TO MV PROGRAM   (Although short, any feedback is encouraged.)   Latest Update: 10/30/2015...
  5. The Walking Dead!

    It's Sunday and that only means one thing to me: a new Walking Dead episode!  BD This season has started off with a huge bang; could easily be the most excited I've been since damn near the beginning.  :guffaw: Who here is a fan? 
  6. Hello All

    Hey guys, my name's Garsto. I'm 25, very interested in gaming, loving my new RPG Maker VX Ace set up and ready to make further additions to my first project. My current game is World of Warcraft, which I've been on and off, months at a time, since 2004. I find myself incredibly imaginative and...

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