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  1. Enderdude

    script call Set Movement Route

    Hello everyone of the rpg maker forums. I'm needing a little help with the script call set movement route. I tried looking over the script call list and found no example so i'm a little stuck on how it works i'm I just missing it or is there no example  ;_;  . If anyone knows how it works could...
  2. Enderdude

    Script call conditional branch

    Hello everyone of the rpg maker forums!.I'm having a little problem with the script call conditional branch. I'm trying to make a simple crafting system with script calls and i can't really figure out how to use the script call conditional branch. i'm not having any problems with the plugin i'm...
  3. Enderdude

    MV is a great program!

    Hi everyone i have been using MV when it first came out on steam and all i have to say is it an amazing program. The character generator makes all the npcs look amazing. The UI to the program is a lot better then VX ace. I been messing with this program since I got it from first day. I mean I...
  4. Enderdude

    What MV feature are you looking forward to the most

    So like the title says What MV feature are you looking forward to the most, mine is javascript! what about yours?

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