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  1. F11GeniusGaming

    Event Touch

    Help, an event with the with the "Event Touch" trigger. I use YEP_EventChasePlayer and when the event touches the player nothing happens. The player has to approach the event even though it's trigger is set to "Event Touch" it's like the trigger is set to "Player Touch" everytime. My plan is...
  2. F11GeniusGaming

    Status exclusive to a Weapon

    Is there any plugin that makes a specific weapon type gain a status. For example: State #207 gives a bonus critical rate to weapon type #2. State #210 gives a bleed chance to weapon type #3. State #213 gives a defense penetration to weapon type #4.
  3. F11GeniusGaming

    Change Clothing on Actor

    Is there a plugin that changes a clothing on an actor when he equips a certain armor?
  4. F11GeniusGaming

    Script Call to Increase a Variable

    Is there any way/script call so that when an enemy attacks you or vice versa, it increases a Variable?
  5. F11GeniusGaming

    Skill Proficiency Plugin

    Hello! Can anyone recommend/create a plugin that works just like Galv' Weapon Proficiency? I badly need one.
  6. F11GeniusGaming

    Raise Specific Weapon Damage

    Any plugin there that increases the damage of a specific weapon type for example: Greatsword * 1.20 Sword * 1.10 Because I'm gonna do a Skyrim-like game. Can anyone help?
  7. F11GeniusGaming

    Variable Equation

    Is it possible for two or more variables to be put in an equation and the answer will also be stored inside another variable?
  8. F11GeniusGaming

    ELDER SCROLLS-like Trait/Stat System

    Can anyone create/recommend a trait/stat plugin that adds skills from the elder scrolls series. If possible one that includes: Bladed, Blunt, Ranged Weapon, Hand-to-hand, Heavy and Light Armors, Magic Types from TES (Destruction, Conjuration, etc)
  9. F11GeniusGaming

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'traits' of undefined

    Please help, every time I trigger FenrirKnight's Character Creation event which can be found at this link:

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