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  1. Steam Edition of RPG Maker MV not opening.

    It is the Steam Edition, so that is the first thing I tried, even with the second display off. I'd also like to point out that I'm not opening a project in RPG Maker MV, but trying to open the Maker itself. Hope that helps with anything.
  2. Steam Edition of RPG Maker MV not opening.

    The driver update was obtained from the Radeon Software app. Not from Windows Update. Yes, multiple times since. I'll see if it downloads files again on a second verification. AFAIR, when I tried cleaning the download cache, and verified the files, it said all the files were completely fine...
  3. Steam Edition of RPG Maker MV not opening.

    Despite my hours of searching, I never saw that. I'll try that and see if it works. It doesn't. It's not the same effect though. It'll try opening, but when it closes, the splash screen doesn't even appear.
  4. Steam Edition of RPG Maker MV not opening.

    Been running into this problem ever since I bought the software. The details are that I open RPG Maker MV through the Steam client, it's splash screen appears and closes, and the application itself closes a few seconds afterward. I have not gotten past that at all. I have also tried opening the...

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