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  1. Felski Skill Tree stat upgrade

    Hi all, I'm using Felski's Skill Tree plugin and I'd like to create a node that gives +100 MP for example. You can create this via common events, however, the main menu needs to be closed before the effect takes place. Is there a way to increase the stats of an actor without having to close...
  2. Yanfly Skill Learn and Job Points to upgrade variables with increasing costs

    Hi all, I am using Yanfly's Skill Learn and Job Points plugins to allow characters to upgrade stats with job points. Yanfly has copy and paste code which shows how to have each upgrade cost more than the last, which works great. I am also trying to allow the player to increase a variable with...
  3. DragonBones Integration causing enemies to blink

    Hi all, I have installed Yanfly and TheGreenKel's DragonBones plugin and so far it works nicely except for one thing. Whenever an actor attacks an enemy that isn't animated with DragonBones, the enemy blinks, or momentarily disappears, and then reappears after being attacked. When DragonBones...
  4. Animations.json

    Hi all, I was working on my game today and all of the sudden it closed. Then I found that I cannot open it back up because it says it can't read animations.json. I checked my project and animations.json has the size of 0 kb. Did it randomly just delete all of my animations? What is the best way...
  5. Item Synthesis Text Color-Yanfly

    Hello, I am using all of Yanfly's plugins. I added text colors to my weapons/armors in the database with <Text Color: x>. When the player is at a shop, the weapons/armors are displayed in their proper colors from their assigned note tags, but when the player is in the Item Synthesis menu (or...
  6. Help! Downgrading Problems

    Hello, I have downgraded to 1.5.1 via the instructions given. I use the Steam version and it says 1.5.1 in my Steam library. However, when I open my project, it still says 1.6. Also, I can't use events from map tiles without the game crashing. Do I need to do something else to get the whole...
  7. Yanfly Doodads causing some pics not to show

    Hello all, Since Steam updated my game to 1.6, I installed the updated Doodads plugin, but for some reason some pictures, including busts in the menu screen and the character sprites in the save menu aren't showing up properly. Sometimes after I use the up or down arrows or go into another...
  8. Lag in 1.6

    Hello! Anybody else experiencing lag with the new update? When I launch my game, the options in the title screen don't show until I use an up or down arrow. When I open the main menu, the character graphics don't show at first. When loading a map, the character image appears with a black...
  9. TDDP MouseSystemEx Pop-up

    Hi all, Steam automatically updated my game and now there are endless problems. I tried downgrading via Steam->Beta, but it didn't seem to work. Anyways, one of the things that is happening now is a pop-up every time I play test. How do I get rid of it? I had a custom cursor that worked...
  10. Change Image With Subclass Choice

    Hi all, I have made it so that each of my characters starts with a default primary class that cannot be changed and then 3 choices for a subclass using Yanfly's Class Change Core and Subclass plugins. I would like my characters battler and walking sprite to change images based on which...
  11. Enemies killed, battle doesn't end!

    Hi all. I have encountered a weird issue where the player kills all of the enemies, but the battle doesn't actually end. The player characters can still choose actions, but there is nothing to fight! I use Yanfly plugins. My plugins are in the correct order. This happens in new games as well...
  12. Airship Event

    Hello all. I made an event that runs when the player boards the airship. It moves the player and airship to a specific location on the map, sort of like autopilot. What I'm trying to do is make it so that the player can't immediately get back on the airship after it lands. I tried making an...
  13. Change actor sprite for a skill with common events

    Hi all, I am trying to make a skill that changes my actors sprite for a skill during battle. I have made a common event to do this, but I'm wondering how to revert back to normal after the skill is over. Thank you for your help!
  14. TypeError when enemy battler attacks after being affected by state

    I updated Yanfly's plugins and now I found an unfortunate bug. Does anybody know how to interpret the text below? TypeError: undefined is not a function at Function.BattleManager.startAction (/C:/Users/nitri/Documents/Games/Test/js/plugins/YEP_BattleEngineCore.js:2277) at...
  15. Control Variables Multiple Items Help

    Hello, I am having trouble with control variables. I have a quest set up where the player needs to bring two different items to an NPC (a cookie and a drink). How can I set this up with conditional branches? For example: if they have neither, the NPC says "Please bring me a cookie and a...
  16. Summon a Turret

    Hello! I'm trying to make a skill that allows the actor to make a turret that will automatically fight with the party for the remainder of the battle. Any idea how to make something like this happen? Any plugins needed? Thank you!
  17. Counter Attack

    Hello, I'm trying to make an enemy that counter attacks 100% of the time with a skill like Spark. The idea is that if you attack it, whether by physical or magical or otherwise, you will always get shocked. How can this be done? Thank you! Figured it out. It can be done with Yanfly's Counter...
  18. Lines above Sprites/Enemies

    Hi All, Recently I noticed that there are lines above each of my characters and the enemies.  The only thing I did different is change the font and add a few new icons to my set.  What could be causing these lines? How do I get rid of them? I circled them in red in the attached photo below...
  19. Fascination/Confuse causing errors

    Hi all, When play testing, my game freezes with the message "TypeError: undefined is not a function."  This happens whenever an enemy attacks another enemy from the confused or fascination states.  I'm using Yanfly's plugins.  It's from a new game and not old saves.  I have pressed F8 at the...
  20. Alignment

    Nevermind fixed

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