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  1. DJ990J's Generator bits

    Bless! Always glad to see a new update, thanks!
  2. RMMZ RPG Maker MZ not displaying ported over MV animations from spritesheets

    Actually dude, you saved me! I completely forgot to apply the change prior to re-testing, and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much!
  3. RMMZ RPG Maker MZ not displaying ported over MV animations from spritesheets

    I can definitely see that making sense. Alright, after giving this a try on both higher and lower settings with the default as 4, the error keeps occurring. however, so I wonder if it's something I have to somehow tie to the specific animations maybe?
  4. RMMZ RPG Maker MZ not displaying ported over MV animations from spritesheets

    I have a slight development. When I make a stock project with just the base features (and the Visutella) additions, the sprites are able to be read again, but seem to just not work at all on my current project even though everything is updated properly to my knowledge. I'm just beyond confused...
  5. RMMZ RPG Maker MZ not displaying ported over MV animations from spritesheets

    This happens even on the latest core script I'm afraid.
  6. RMMZ RPG Maker MZ not displaying ported over MV animations from spritesheets

    Hi, I went to update but none of my ported over MV animations work now after updating the battlecore for VisuStella (and corescript for RPG Maker MZ), should I just re-do them/revert to an older version or is there another solution I'm missing?
  7. GGZiron's Tetris Minigame (discontinued)

    So just to make sure that there weren't any abnormalities I did both just to be safe, and the error has shown up twice. The plugin is also installed! In the plugin parameters, I made sure to also leave the optional sections blank.
  8. GGZiron's Tetris Minigame (discontinued)

    This is great! The only problem is for some reason when I try to move the blocks (or click past the menu) I get a TypeError (cannot read property NaN of undefined) On a blank one it works, but on my current project it just crashes and burns but I'm curious on what the incompatibility could...
  9. Marvel: Characters Sets & SV Battlers (Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, & More) [UPDATED 7/13/2022]

    Love these! Any chance of us getting new Side View Battlers in the future?
  10. DJ990J's Generator bits

    As someone with black hair, thanks so much!
  11. Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    First of all, amazing job! Thank you so much for this. One question. Would this be able to work under FOSSIL? Edit: Scratch that, works like a charm!
  12. OcRam MZ -plugins

    Hey, is the light plugin compatible with the latest corescript for MZ? Battle lights seem to be messed up, but ambient lights are fine otherwise. No worries if I need to revert, by all means. Screenshot of issue Edit: False alarm. Seems getting rid of a rogue plugin fixed the problem.
  13. hiddenone's MZ Emporium

    Looks fantastic! Big fan of your resources, and these are quite diverse which is nice to see.
  14. OcRam MZ -plugins

    Yeah! I also had this issue, but I couldn't find the Common Event that made this occur, I'm sort of stuck trying to figure out how to fix this issue because it's making playtesting difficult haha. I'll try your suggestion and make Light Type 1 (although it looks slightly weird with a daytime...
  15. RMMV The Archaeologist [Demo Available!]

    As an up and coming archaeologist, thanks for this! It's a fun play.
  16. Screen Effect Filter MZ (FilterControllerMZ)

    I love this, are there any tutorials to see how to use trigger these screen effects in battle?
  17. Weapon Sprites Enhanced

    Love this, thank you so much!
  18. Jack's Generator Additions

    This is really great stuff, thank you! Would these have any issue with carry over to MZ?

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