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  1. Juicyousiguy

    How to use talksprites?

    I want to use talksprites the same way Ace Attorney Investigations does it. I want an image to appear, animate while talking, and otherwise idle. The images should also be switchable. How do I do that? Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Juicyousiguy

    How to get diagonal movement sprites working? (Victor Enine)

    Victors diagonal movement script is fantastic, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to use diagonal sprites. I've tried putting them in different files with the [diag] suffix, I've tried putting them to the side of the main file, and thats really all I've tried, but it shouldn't be...
  3. Juicyousiguy

    How to move text box and text within it?

    I use Galv's Message Backgrounds, which is great but only just replaces the image of the textbox. Therefore it doesn't change the positioning of the text or anything. Due to this, the text in the box looks weird and I can't figure out how to change where it is. How do I move the text within the...
  4. Juicyousiguy

    [VXAce] Galvs' Message Background shows error upon starting game.

    So I've recently gotten back into using RPG Maker, and I've been installing a lot of scripts. Problem is, Galvs' Message Background shows this error upon trying to playtest the game with it in Materials. I've tried essentially nothing at this point, because I haven't found anyone...

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