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  1. erni79

    MacOS deployment not working for me

    Hi everyone! I have been hard at work for a while now and finally finished a demo version of my project and gave that to a couple close friends for first impressions. Since some use Mac and others Windows I deployed both versions and gave each their respective ones. No problems with the Windows...
  2. erni79

    Is there a way to find out what an actor has equipped?

    Hi everyone! I am experimenting with a couple of ideas right now, and am encountering a problem. I want to display a picture on the screen depending on what an actor or party member has equipped. Basically I need to get the weapon or armor id and attach it to a variable, but I cant seem to...
  3. erni79

    Show Variable in Skill Name? & Skillsystem

    Hi everyone! :) I am trying to implement a more traditional western skill system to my project, where the actors have values in skills like Thievery or Stalking. I can't script but I managed to get it somewhat to work but I can't figure out how to display the actual skill value in the skills...
  4. erni79

    Actor Training System using no Scripts?

    Hi Everyone! :) I am in the following situation: At some point in my game you can select the party members, effectively removing the non selcted ones from the game. I want there to be training in the game, additionaly to standart level up stat progression. So you can train a character in...
  5. erni79

    More Stats on Status screen

    Hi everyone! :) I am pretty sure this already exists, but I cant seem to find one... I would really like to have more statistics displayed at the character status screen: Evasion Rate, Crit Evasion, Crit Rate and Magic Evasion Since my game will work with those more then your usual JRPG, it...

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