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  1. whitespirits

    RPG Maker XP mining sprite

    I am looking for the rpg maker xp mining template sprite, its on google but only on Pinterest and the image is broken
  2. whitespirits

    Large Sprites and parallax

    Hi all, I have hunted everywhere for a fix or way around this, when I have tall sprites on the map they end up behind the top layer of parallax when in front of it, is there anything I can do to make this work properly? Example below.
  3. whitespirits

    Rpg Maker MZ built in MMO plugin?

    Hello so really exciting news about the new RMMZ and well I was wondering if you guys think a built in multiplayer MMO feature could be on the horizon?
  4. whitespirits

    2K3 Multiplayer?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows if a coop or lan like system has been made for 2k3 that would sync events and maybe a chat?
  5. whitespirits

    MV Trees

    Hey all, so I am looking for some nice quality trees that are not Marus, I came across these but cant find them anywhere!
  6. whitespirits

    Fix some Autotiles

    Hello guys, I have converted some RMXP A1 tiles to VX ace format and for some reason its just not working correctly in game. Can anyone please help me with a fix? Thanks!
  7. whitespirits

    Inquisitor for VXACE

    Hi guys im sure you all know the XP Medieval tilesets by now, im wondering if anyone has converted them to VXace?
  8. whitespirits

    XP RTP Converted to VXACE

    Hey guys, not long ago I stumbled across all the characters from rpg maker xp converted into a vx format of a hand full of characters per sheet! After some thought I wanted to use these sprites as there are so many. My issue is now I cant find the list of converted sprites anywhere! The website...
  9. whitespirits

    Nightmare Land Style

    Hi all, I am trying to find a pack I like the style of and go from there! I am looking at the Nightmare Land pack, does anyone know of any forest like tilesets that would fit this style? I dont know why it hasn't been expanded on its a great style :)
  10. whitespirits

    RMVXA Wing Of Misadventure MMORPG

    We are opening and English Server for Beta soon! WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - VOTE FOR US ON STEAM! Hello! I...
  11. whitespirits

    Mack Child Base Sprite

    Hi guys, I have the male and female base sprite for Mack but I'm missing the child either walking or running Here are the male/female I have
  12. whitespirits

    Xp characters for VX ace

    Hi all, im looking around for all the rpg maker xp characters converted for vx ace? can anyone link me to them? thanks!
  13. whitespirits

    Making a building VX/MV

    Hi guys, so I have a building that's looking very pixelated and I'm really wanting it in the VX or MV style to fit with the tilesets I have had a try and its not looking good in the setting still, thanks!
  14. whitespirits

    what sprite is this base?

    Hi guys I'm hunting high and low for this sprite base, I cant find it anywhere! Please help :)
  15. whitespirits

    Any more of this old style?

    Hi guys, I found this style which I love, it was in XP format and I swapped it to VX. Any 1 know where its from and by who?
  16. whitespirits

    Transform script

    Hi guys, so I'm looking for a transformation script that has its own transform animation frames and looks for a transformation matching the same name as current sprite. so let me explain, I would setup a sprite sheet with the transform animation frames. say my character was called 'PLAYER1'...
  17. whitespirits

    Armor abs sets

    Hi guys so im developing a game with full abs, to start i just need robes, heavy armor and hunter gear for these templates just 1 of each of any relevant rmxp style clothing, would be very thankful!
  18. whitespirits

    Custom Waterfall Tile Request

    Hi guys so, i have a set of graphics im using and im desperate for a waterfall autotile that will work, Can anyone create me one?
  19. whitespirits

    AutoTiles help

    Hi guys im looking for some help in making some auto tiles. The water on the cliffs at 5 mins on this video not to scale its been blown up for video images with correct scale...

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