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  1. SERVICE Empire Chronicles (Play testers required)

    Hello Fellow gamers, Empire Chronicles is currently looking for game testers, details on the game can be found on the steam page, if you are interested please let me know and I will DM you a steam key for the game. The key is valid even after the game goes live, as a small thanks to those...
  2. RMMV Anyone know of any way to get in contact with Atelier Irina to report a bug

    I noticed that her tool ring plugin crashes mv if you try to press the use tool button while the game is loading. But every where I looked there is no direct way to contact or report any issues.
  3. Still getting extreme lag in latest version of RPG Maker playtest

    I cannot figure out why this is happening, But after running rpg maker for a few minutes the frame rates drop. Restarting playtest will reset back to 60fps for the same scene but after using it for some time in play test hopping in and out of battles, the performance drops. This is with no...
  4. Game script call to display message?

    Hey Everyone, Would appreciate if anyone can answer this: Is there any way to display what's inside the game message before continuing? In the following script the game displays "HiHello" together in 1 text message window. I would like it to display the first message change the face image and...
  5. Not understanding how to move elements on the Z axis

    I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how to move screen elements up or down in the Z axis. For instance I would like to move yanfly's visual hp bars below the player/enemy sprites. Is this even possible? And if so can someone please explain it to me.
  6. Weird bug with push(scene_skill)

    I noticed a strange bug when working on one of my events. If the player is holding down the action button to skip the text faster and doesn't let go when the game hits this push line, it will freeze and become unresponsive. If the player is not holding down the action button, then this line...
  7. Item augment (auto remove help)

    Anyone know if there is any easy way to setup Yep Item Augments to automatically Detach all Augments from an item if the item is unequipped? It really makes optimize a huge pain and forces players to go to each item take off the augments one at a time before equipping new items.
  8. Yanfly Itemcore Sort?

    Does anyone know if its possible to modify yanfly's plugin to allow the player to manually sort items in their inventory?
  9. Is there any way to change the walking speed by smaller increments then 2x/4x?

    I'd like to add 2-3 set of running shoes but the only available walking speeds is 1x, 2x, 4x. 4x is way too fast so that leaves only 2x as an option not really enough for a variety of walking shoes.
  10. Anyway to define a universal dmg formula?

    Having to change the damage formula in 100 skills when you want to tweek it is annoying... Is there anyway to have a common formula all skills use by default?

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