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  1. Ekanselttar

    Farewell,denizens of RMW

    Hello. I guess you haven't even interacted with me before.I don't log in all that often.Now...I'm leaving.Forever. Thank you for the good times and the insightful discussions we had...fellow Rpg Makers...I'm moving on.You might hear from me soon...or not. Goodbye forever. Sincerely...
  2. Ekanselttar

    MV : Changing the default font

    hello everyone.I'm finally back If the title was confusing,let me explain : There's a default RPG Maker MV font,one the program uses by default for dialogue,menus...etc... My question is   : Is it possible to CHANGE that font into another font? Thanks in advance, ekan
  3. Ekanselttar

    Just what makes an RPG...An RPG?

    I've had this poking my think bone a while ago. What makes an RPG an RPG for you? The thrill of discovering a new location...?       Character Developement and Progression...?   The story...?     The world...?       It being an RPG...? discuss
  4. Ekanselttar

    Replicating Mechanics From Other Games : How much is too much?

    Greetings everyone! I had this thingy greasing my brain cogs for a while now. The majority of art is "inspired" by someone else's work.In terms of game mechanics,how much of that is okay? I'm not talking about the downright duplication of other fellow devs' hard skull splitting thinking of...
  5. Ekanselttar

    [RMMV]Changing the title display font in the Title Screen possible?

    What's up everybody? Hope you're having a great day. Let's get down to business,I have a question,is it possible to change the title display font in the title screen? To make only the title display in that particular font.Does it require any coding? Any help is appreciated,Thanks in...
  6. Ekanselttar

    Which songs do you listen to while working on your project?

    Hello Everyone,Ekan's back with a new thread. What songs do you listen to while doing some game dev? (Optional : You can say where did you hear the song the first time) (and as a little thing in the side,I'll listen to every song you listen to and I'll pick the ones I like the best) My...
  7. Ekanselttar

    Trying to be original...

    Hey everyone,happy new year! It's January 1st 2016,while most happy new year posts are status updates,I really want to try being original.Now that the 2016 is already in,and the celebrations are over,let's recall stuff we care about from 2015,now that it's completely gone.SOooo here's the...
  8. Ekanselttar

    Console WARS!

    Hey everyone,I didn't see any console wars thread,so,in the light of recent upgrades in game libraries and hardware for both consoles,let's START ANOTHER CONSOLE WAR!!!! consoles only,no pc master race For me PS4 all the way.The exclusives rock and games don't stutter that much. WARNING : No...
  9. Ekanselttar

    Language Learning Enthusiast Thread

    Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great day! This question has been jumping in my head for a while.Any fellow language learners around here? Just to discuss stuff. THIS THREAD IS LABELLED HOT!!  IT'S ON FIRE!!!
  10. Ekanselttar

    [MV] Requesting Wrist-mounted Crossbow Icon

    Hello,everyone. I've been looking in the RTP for a wrist mounted crossbow.Could someone please make one for me? It should be MV RTP style (yellow background,white icon) And,of course,you will be granted a spot in the credits under Resources and Special Thanks (My game is non-commercial). Wrist...
  11. Ekanselttar

    Just another Wanderer.

    Hey,What's up everyone? I'm Ekanselttar.You might've already knew that by looking left of this assemblage of letters. Huge Fallout/TES fan,fancy myself as a completionist (Inflated sense of self-worth : CHECK) I just stumbled upon this marvelous program (RPM MV) and thought why not make some...

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