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  1. FirozKhan

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    It's 5th and happy birthday Avery! Love ur resources too! :VXA1:
  2. FirozKhan

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    ohh thanks for telling me...
  3. FirozKhan

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Avery can I use those trees in my MV, u kinda said iam kinda confused....
  4. FirozKhan

    thanks, yes i know its demo. and i'll make sure i'll credit u.

    thanks, yes i know its demo. and i'll make sure i'll credit u.
  5. FirozKhan

    hello slimeiske, i want to ask something. can i gameplay your game in a youtube channel. Whos...

    hello slimeiske, i want to ask something. can i gameplay your game in a youtube channel. Whos araid of the big bad wolf? game? plz :eswt: :eswt:
  6. FirozKhan

    Stop dissapearing NPC event after removed from party!

    I didn't try this before, but you make an switch event after the remove party member. That switch event should have the image of the party member you are removing.
  7. FirozKhan

    Need some dirt tiles...

    I checked Avy tiles, but it does not dirt cave tiles, instead jungle caves and ice caves.. I got it!! I haven't still tried... My exams are coming... But will do..
  8. FirozKhan

    Need some dirt tiles...

    RMMV And I tried to play your game Big Bad Wolf but for some reason I am not able to download it...
  9. FirozKhan

    Need some dirt tiles...

    Guys anybody have dirt tiles, especially a dirt water animation tiles. You know ' dirty water ', which fits with a dirt cave. Best if free. I love free... :D :D
  10. FirozKhan

    Help with Icons...

    Actually that's just slots... :eswt: :eswt: The icons are here and there. The icon set i used is Avery's iconset. I'll put a link. Avery's Icon Set
  11. FirozKhan

    Help with Icons...

    Thanks for the advice, but the iconset i currently use has over 2639 icon slots :blink:
  12. FirozKhan

    Help with Icons...

    oh okay thanks :eswt: :eswt: GIMP i'll remember that..
  13. FirozKhan

    Help with Icons...

    Hello guys, could use some help here. How can i add icons to my icon set? Or is there any way i can have 2 iconsets? Don't think me as a fool... I am a noob. :D :D :D Or is there some software with I could do it? Thanks in advance
  14. FirozKhan

    Problem with Transfer Player

    Thank you guys for your help. I should take some tutorials. :eswt:
  15. FirozKhan

    Problem with Transfer Player

    Yes I did indeed turn on transperant. It is a problem?
  16. FirozKhan

    Problem with Transfer Player

    Guys, plz help me out. In my game the plot is i try to make the player and his friend transfer them to past. They dont know what happpens. So when they appear in the past map, an autorun event starts.. But when transfer happens.... The player doesnt appear in the map. He simlply dissappeared...
  17. FirozKhan

    SRD Hud Maker and Character Creator EX

    I am no expert. I also use SRD Hud maker, but not character EX. Does it ask for generation parts? Maybe I could help you
  18. FirozKhan

    How do I....add a custom weather effect?

    I am not good with scripts and all but there is a yanfly's plugin for animated pictures. You create a animation and make it in event to swirl around {parallel process}, I mean. :awink::eswt::eswt:
  19. FirozKhan

    Dungeon game Resources

  20. FirozKhan

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Hi hiddenone, these are great.... But is there a face graphic for human flesh npc?... :D :D

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