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  1. Edsephiroth

    Can I create a weapon that triggers random skills? RMMV

    Hi, guys! I have an idea for a book weapon: Whenever actor attacks (default attack), a random skill will be released. Example: - Book of beyond life boat (Weapon) - Heaven (Skill) - Purgatory (Skill) - Hell (Skill) A common event could make one of these random...
  2. Edsephiroth

    Error with Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies

    I'm testing Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies plugin, but whenever play the game appears this message: My knowledge in java is zero, so I Can't figure out what's happening. Animated Sideview Enemies was place beneath Battle Core Engine,the project has Mog Hunter Battle plugins and downloaded all...
  3. Edsephiroth

    Help with Napoleon's Minimap

    I'm trying to use Napoleon's Minimap in my game along with Mog_Monogatari. I've read Napoleon's topic from top to bottom and I could see that it hides minimap when default menu is called, but it doesn't work on Moghunters's Monogatari script. I think it happens because Monogatari has a different...
  4. Edsephiroth

    Click or touch image to Start an action

    Hello, guys. Is there a way to Click or touch an image to Start an event? I can't imagine a way to do it.

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