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  1. Castspeller

    Suggestion Enhancing Event Searcher

    The Event Searcher was a welcome addition to MV, but it was not very useful unless you knew something about the Event. Fast-forward to MZ and we have the Event Panel that shows us all of the Events, on that map, with the ability to right-click on the event to do more advanced searching. So...
  2. Castspeller

    Additional Event Conditions - Scripting as a choice

    I know @Archeia has posted that there would be no more Page Conditions but I would hope that this suggestion gets considered and thought out thoroughly. What I purpose is to add one additional Page Conditions, this would be a checkbox with a text box for Javascript that must return either True...
  3. Castspeller

    Missing Character Generator assets?

    I did not put this in the MZ Feedback because it is not per say a bug. I was going through the character generator and noticed that the following have the transparent overlays but no icons to select them. I have verified that for instance I cannot create a Female that has freckles. The missing...
  4. Castspeller

    Games from an overhead perspective

    I wanted to get some feedback on overhead perspectives games - likes/dislikes, challenges, etc. I personally like this type but do want to get others opinions and thoughts. This could be VX Ace, MV or MZ.
  5. Castspeller

    Suggestion Testing with package.json parameters and setting default package.json values

    It would be very helpful to be able to test the game/battles with the custom "chromium-args" that will be placed in the package.json. It would also be helpful to be able to set the "name" and "icon" in the package.json file. These could all go in the Database - System 2 under Advanced...
  6. Castspeller

    Dilapidated graveyard and stone fences

    Please understand I am shooting for the moon here. Resource Type: Tileset, characters objects Maker Format: MZ / MV Description: Been looking for resources to make a dilapidated graveyard, things like: Stone fencing (in disrepair), image example here Crypts in ruins that can be entered...
  7. Castspeller

    How to make a 6 frame fountain flow

    Please forgive if this has been answered before but I could not find a solution after 5 hours. I have fountain (sprite) that has 6 frames and I would like to play all six frames that is placed via a map event, but how? I can get 3 frames working. Maybe there is a plugin that can do this that...
  8. Castspeller

    Bug Official plugin (RegionBase.js) language issue

    When using the plugin RegionBase.js in the BaseResources/plugins/official, the Parameters are all in Japanese. RPG Maker MZ - v1.6.1 My OS has no language packs and is set to English-US and has never been set to another language. Here is what I see: When can this be fixed/updated? Cheers
  9. Castspeller

    MZ editor horizontal scrollbar missing

    Is anyone having issues with the horizontal scrollbar, mine seems to be missing? The project is newly created and MZ is v1.4.2(standalone, not steam) running on Windows 10-1809. I tried zooming out all the way then in all the way to see if the scrollbar would appear, but it does not. As a...
  10. Castspeller

    White screen "of death" after splash logo - RPMMV v1.4.0-present

    Greetings, I am sorry if this post is posted in the wrong place. I just installed RPG Maker MV v1.6.2 in a separate location from a prior version of RPG Maker MV v1.3.3. Upon startup of RPG Maker MV v1.6.2 I have a white screen after the splash logo. Upon searching the forums I found a post...

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