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  1. Zekken

    RPG Maker MZ toogle fullscreen freeze

    I'm using the trial version of RPG Maker MZ and when I press f4 to go full screen and press it again to close full screen, my computer freezes. It also happen when I manually update nw.js of MV to the newest version. Maybe it is because of the nw.js Anyone have encounter the same issue and...
  2. Zekken

    (Solved) SRD_QuitConformation not working

    I install the plugin as instructed in this video : Install it with proper plugins order also install the required plugins (SRD_GameUpgrade and SRD_WindowUpgrade), install it on a blank new project with no savegame and no other plugins but still not working. Anyone have ever have the same issue...
  3. Zekken

    VE_BattleCommandWindow help

    I need help to set the plugin parameter so the Battle Command UI be like this Here is the plugin : Thank you
  4. Zekken

    Cropped Character from the RMMV Wallpaper

    I found this somewhere when googling and some people said that it is from japanese site of RM. Did anyone know where to get more of this because i need it. I can't read japan so diving into the website myself and found nothing. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Zekken

    (Solved) Eisele'pet with Vibrato08 artstyle

    I'm looking for artist that willing to make a pet battler of eisele from the cover art character pack : What I'm looking is battler of snake, yellow bird, and blue squirrel. It will be better if there's a face set for it. Here is the reference : Source : Also, I'm hoping...
  6. Zekken

    SRD Bust Select Alt Menu Battler Offset

    So, in my project I'm using this plugin and in this plugin, we can give an offset to actor bust for each actor by typing a note tag in the database. But there is no note tag to give an offset to individual battler image. I would be really grateful if...
  7. Zekken

    Using other RM rtp and dlc

    Ok, so can I use rm rtp assets and dlc from other rm to rm that I'm currently using right now? Even for commercially? We just have to have a legal copy of the other rm? Thank you.
  8. Zekken

    Time Fantasy DLC and Recomended DLC

    Because of the discount, i'm planning to buy some of the RPG Maker MV's DLC hehe :aswt: And in steam i fount Time Fantasy DLC for RMMV, but the review said that there is a lot of missing file in that DLC. Anyone knows about this DLC or have been bought it before? I want to know if that was...
  9. Zekken

    Renaming project folder

    I just wanted to ask 'is it safe to rename the project folder?' because in database I only see an option to change the project name. Thank you.
  10. Zekken

    Translated TMCard Demo

    I'm looking for a demo of TMCard Plugin from tomoaky that has been translated into English. I hope that someone have one and willingly to share it with me here. Its really hard to understand the mechanics for me and it really takes a...
  11. Zekken

    Sell Card with RTP on it

    I've been thinking about making card game using rmmv and using rtp as its artwork. And then I want to print the card to be playable on the real life, perhaps also planning so sell it. Are this thing allowed?
  12. Zekken

    Duplicating Game Feature is Legal?

    I'm just curious is that okay to duplicate some of a game feature? I've seen some plugin such as Triple triad, Theatrhythm, Galv's fishing plugin duplicating some of a game modes from a certain game. Also, how about fan game? Are these thing allowed? And how if I duplicate it and make some edit?
  13. Zekken

    Recomended game

    I'm looking for a games that similar to 'RPG maker games' , I want to search for a good game for me to play (PC games), and for my inspiration too. I have write final fantasy 6 and chrono trigger in my list. Any answer is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Zekken

    Pixel Movement or Grid Movement?

    Hello everyone, My name is Zee. I want to ask you which one do you prefer and why between Pixel based movement or grid base movement(default). I ask this because I see both of it have it pros and cons. Pixel movement gives player more freedom while it's a bit strange because my map is grid based...
  15. Zekken

    Harold with Cover Art Style

    Because the Art Style of MV Default Character and Cover Art Character was really different, I'm looking a Faces / Busts of Harold, Therese, Marsha, and Lucius with Style of Cover art character. I hope someone can show me where to get this (if this was already been made) or some artists that...
  16. Zekken

    Disable 'F4' fullscreen

    Is there a way to disable f4 to be full screen hotkey? Perhaps with plugin or something else. Thank you.
  17. Zekken

    STV Monster Cards Plugin

    I want to modify this plugin, but i lack of knowledge of javascript. Can somebody help me to explain this plugin, perhaps with giving a comment in the plugin. And if there is somebody that wilingly seperate this plugin into 2 part, the deck manager plugin and core plugin. Thank you. Orginal...
  18. Zekken

    (Solved) Plugin extension

    Can anyone teach me how to create an extension plugin? Perhaps a demonstration file (.js)? Because I want to separate my plugin into different part. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Zekken

    MV Spritesheet from my Avatar

    Hi,my name is zee Can someone create an MV spritesheet from my Avatar(Profile picture)? I want to use it in my project. No need to be detail. Any work would be appreciated. Thank you.
  20. Zekken

    Map everybody use

    I'm sorry if I post a thread in a wrong section I wanted to ask cuz I see every RMMV youtuber using the same map. Where to get those map? And what is the term of use? Thank you

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